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I want you to join my Affiliate Army.

You are a fan of my content. Maybe you’re in one of my programs. You know I’ve got something powerful to say. Would you be interested in getting paid to help spread the message?

My Mission

My mission is to change people’s lives by empowering them to recognize their own ability to make money with the skills they already have.

It’s not just about making more money. It’s about the independence that comes with knowing that you are not dependent on your job for your survival. Even if you only do your own thing as a side hustle, or even not at all, simply knowing that you can gives you a confidence and security that nothing else can.

My ultimate desire is nothing less than changing the entire labor market. Imagine if everyone knew what we know: that we all have the ability to create our own income through entrepreneurship. Employers would have to pay better and provide better conditions, because they will be competing against every employee’s own side hustle.

It would be incredible, and it starts with spreading the word.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You sign up to be an affiliate through on Kartra.

Through that system, you will get affiliate links for my programs currently on the platform. As my business grows, more and more will become available for you to promote.

You share the affiliate link with people you think would be interested. You can share it on social media, by email, directly with friends or any other way you like.

You get 20% of the revenue generated by the program for as long as they are in it. It’s that simple.

Clients spend as much as $3,000 and more with me, so 20% of that can be a pretty decent income.

Even better, if you know someone who would be a good addition to the team, you can invite them and get 5%.

There’s no cost. There’s no obligation. If you sign up and never sell anything, I won’t get mad, but you’ll be missing out on the opportunity.

Current Programs

Currently there is one active program you can sell, with another about to be launched soon. Shortly, I’ll be adding all of my one on one and group coaching programs as well.

Network to a Job in 21 Days


As my Affiliate Army grows, I’ll be creating resources to support, motivate, and train you.

If you’ve been thinking that you would be interested in being coached by Michael Whitehouse, but you haven’t been able to for financial reasons or maybe because you weren’t clear on your next step, this is a great opportunity to get some direct coaching from The Guy Who Knows a Guy.


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