MAP Program Premier Course

In the MAP Program, Michael Whitehouse will take you through the 9 Foundational Questions to help you come to your own answers.

Once you have these answers, they will inform you strategy, marketing, sales, delivery, and all aspects of your business.

These nine answers will lead to many more answers.

The sessions are April 20th and 21st from noon to 4 PM Eastern Time.

Because this is the first run of the course, you are invited to pay whatever you like (minimum $100). For reference, when this course is proven out, it will be $1000 or $500 if you are also hiring me to run a summit for you.

But you can hit this purple button here and pay whatever makes you happy:

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If something comes up and you are not able to attend, you can attend a future session.
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There are, however, no refunds.