A Special Christmas Message

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus has a special morning motivation message just for you. Only those on Santa’s nice list can hear it, so if you’re listening, you must be on the nice list! Join Santa as he reminds you to relax, enjoy the smiles of your loved ones, and remember that what truly matters this Christmas is who you’re with. Merry Christmas!

Music: Christmas Magic by WinnieTheMoog

Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/11889-christmas-magic

Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license


  Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, everyone! Michael asks me, Santa Claus, to step in here and do a special morning motivation message for you. And with the magic of Santa, the magic of Christmas, only people on my nice list are able to hear this message. So if you're hearing it, you must be on the nice list. If you're on the naughty list, you hear something else.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! But don't you worry about it. If you're hearing this, you're on the nice list. Do you want me to remind you? That you are on the nice list. That you, in fact, are the present for many of the people around you. Because he knows a lot of you out there, you're overachievers. You're trying to do too much.

You set, you set such a high standard. I know about high standards. Oh, I got to deliver to billions of kids around the world in one night. Now, let me tell you that's some high expectations, but you don't need to put that expectation on yourself. You don't have to do that because you're not Santa Claus.

All you need to do is bring joy to your family and joy doesn't mean the perfect pot roast or the perfect present or the perfect anything else. Just relax and enjoy and smile and enjoy the smiles of your children and your family because it doesn't matter what's under the tree. It matters who's around.

So whoever you're with this Christmas, just enjoy it. Don't stress. Everything, I assure you, is just as it's supposed to be. Ho, ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas.


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