Sunday – Seeds of Your Superpower

I recently heard it suggested that the key to success is to find the seeds of your greatest strength with your greatest weakness. What is my greatest weakness? It is a lack of focus. Impatience. Restlessness.   I can’t get an ordinary job and do the same thing day after day. I don’t like to choose just one thing. (The greatest salesmanship I ever saw was Amy convincing me to choose just one woman.)   Even when I have had a job, I always had a project or two or three on the side. Because of this, I was never focused, never satisfied, and never really able to move ahead any career or field.   It impacted my current business as well. I could not settle on a target market or focus for quite a while.   Certainly a weakness which has had a great cost.   I this weakness, we see the seeds of my strength. My restlessness and curiosity have led me to do a little bit of everything, and learn even more. I have at least a passing knowledge of everything from real estate to quantum physics to medieval history.   My restlessness has also led me to meet and connect with people around the world in many walks of life. I will speak with people too poor to own a car and people who made more money last month than I made in my whole life, both in the same day.   The first step to solving a problem is knowing what direction to find the answer in, and for almost any problem that anyone can have, my unfocused wanderings have led to enough familiarity to at least know what to look for.   Recently, a friend was looking for a particular legal solution, and had no idea what the first step was. I was able to tell them what profession would be able to help them and where to find them. In business, it is even more so. While I am not qualified to solve many business challenges on my own, my broad experience and broad connections mean that I have a direction to point for the solution to any problem that comes before me.   I never would have built the network of connections that I have if I had the focus that most people have. What was once referred to as being “all over the place” is the same trait which has allowed me to become The Guy Who Knows A Guy.   Ask yourself, ‘what is my greatest weakness?’   Then look for the seeds of your greatest strength within it.   When you find that, you will have your superpower.

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