Divian Mistry: Websites and Marketing for Coaches

Divian Mistry is a serial entrepreneur and marketing for personal brands who want to grow their business using proven, time-tested strategies that work for personal brands.

After starting his first business at age 14, he became known as “The Ticket Master” at University, going on to help clients achieve goals like creating 6 months of income within just 3 weeks, tripling event ticket sales within the first 24 hours, and quadrupling event registration within 1 month.

He was featured in the Leicester Mercury Newspaper after raising £5,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation at a charity event he hosted with keynote speaker Kevin Green from the TV show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. He’s been featured in 2 business books The Naked Warrior: Release The Inner Warrior And Transform Your Life as well as Escape The Rat Race and currently hosts a weekly marketing show where he throws out the BRO marketing and welcomes in the FLOW marketing.

How has networking benefited your business and life?: All my leads, speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, referral partners, referrals and deals (past business) have come from networking so needless to say its my favourite way of building a business

What is your best networking tip?: Always add wayyyy more value then you ever get I return with zero expectations of anything in return, this way you truly give, the receiver truly receives and the law of reciprocity comes into play. This strategy always leads to growing your business at some point that you may not be aware of in the future



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