Ep 28 – LJ Fusaro

As a member of Groton, CT Representative Town Meeting, when I first learned of George Floyd’s murder, my first thought was to check with our own police department and find out if the problems that are endemic in some other departments existed here. In a number of conversation with Chief LJ Fusaro, I found that, while no institution is perfect, the culture of de-escalation and cooperation with community is strong, and the desire to improve is pronounced.

I wanted to give Chief Fusaro the opportunity to share the culture and policies of our local department to share in detail an example of a police department focused on working with rather than over their community.

In the interview, Chief Fusaro mentions Sir Robert Peel, and I believe it would valuable for all of us to become acquainted with the 9 Principles and 3 Core Ideas he laid out for good policing.

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