Jeff Borschowa: The Curator of Connections

**Episode Summary: “Unleash the Power of Networking with Jeff Borschowa”**

In this episode of the “Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast,” host Michael Whitehouse welcomes Jeff Borschowa, the Curator of Connections, to explore the world of networking. Jeff’s personal journey illustrates the transformative power of networking, from meeting his wife to solving business challenges. He shares an invaluable networking tip: opt for group meetings of four, rather than one-on-one, as a way to expand and deepen connections.

Jeff’s philosophy, “a problem well-defined is a problem half solved,” underscores how networking can be the key to overcoming challenges. Listeners seeking to enhance their networking skills and cultivate authentic relationships will find Jeff’s insights and experiences truly enlightening. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their networking game to the next level.

Jeff can be found on LinkedIn and at

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