Jen Lawton: MIND-BODY BREAKTHROUGH specialist

Today, we’re joined by Jen Lawton, CTO of Glow Natural Wellness. She’s a business development and affiliate manager, specializing in authentic connections and ethical affiliate marketing. In this episode, we discuss their unique approach, emphasizing integrity, community care, and prompt payments. Stay tuned for valuable insights into affiliate marketing and building meaningful relationships on The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast!

Jen Lawton, C.T.O (Chief Transformational Officer) of Glow Natural Wellness, is a MIND-BODY BREAKTHROUGH specialist, Master Life/NLP Coach, speaker, and Master Hypnotherapist. As Business Development and Affiliate Manager, she’s dedicated to fostering good in the world of business and life, promoting transformation and growth for clients and partners alike.

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 Welcome back to the guy who knows a guy podcast. We're so excited to be back with you. And this season we are counting down to J V connect the first of its kind, December 12th to 14th, 2023. This is going to be an incredible dedicated networking event, and you are going to want to be part of it. And this podcast here to help prepare you to get the most out of this incredible event.

I'm Michael Whitehouse, the guy who knows a guy. And over the next few weeks, you're going to get to hear from some of the best people in the industry about networking. As well as some solo training from me. So be sure to join us on December 12th to 14th for JB Connect. And now, let's get to the interview.

Welcome once again to the guy who knows a guy podcast. I'm your host, Michael Whitehouse. And our guest today is Jen Lawton, the CTO, that's chief transformational officer of glow natural wellness. She's a mind body breakthrough specialist, master life, NLP coach, speaker, and master hypnotherapist as a business development and affiliate manager.

She's dedicated to fostering good in the world of business and life, running transformation and growth for clients and partners alike. And I wanted to bring her on because she is a business development affiliate manager, which is kind of the business end, the pointy end of the spear of networking. So, you know, it's great meeting people, but it's those affiliates where those connections can turn into business and revenue and transformation and all that kind of great stuff.

So Jen, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. Thank you so much.

Great to have her. So tell us a bit about what you do as an affiliate manager.

Okay, great. I think what do I do? I do a lot of different things. It's essentially representing Well, I'm going to take a little step back for a second because that's actually a question that because I'm relatively new to affiliate management, not new to business development, but new to the affiliate management world it's really interesting to encapsulate what is it that I do.

It's connecting good people. To other good people so that we can do good in the world, right? Do good business. And so I have the phenomenal fortune to work for a, just a truly amazing leader. So Dr. Michelle Sands is the co founder of glow natural wellness. And why I'm sharing that piece is that. She's maintained this vision of doing good in the world and being a good person, taking phenomenal care of your clients.

And so I've been on her team for six years in the capacity of mind body therapist. And, and then we were talking and she said, I think you'd be a phenomenal fit for the affiliate management role. And so how we've put this position together is creating relationships. Really we're after long term partnerships.

So someone might say, well, why does a mind body therapist? Come into the role of affiliate management, and it's not to hypnotize people. What we're doing is we're saying we want to cultivate long term partnerships, meaning we'll take really good care of our partners. And so I can give you some specifics, but that's essentially what I'm doing.

And as affiliate manager, the short version would be making great contacts and taking really good care of our potential long term partners.

I like that. So for anyone listening, who's familiar with the affiliate joint venture world, some of what she just said may not be what you often hear in the JV world, because the focus is all on revenues and swaps and reciprocation.

And, and, you know, you scratch my back, I scratch your, you know, how big is your list, how many opt ins can you get us, how many leads can you get us? And, and this, this focus on, on relationships, I think for most people it's there, but they don't talk about it. But then the next generation comes in, and all they heard about was opt ins and CTAs and, and conversion rates and revenue figures, and they didn't realize, they don't realize the value of these relationships.

So you get a lot of this very cold, okay, what can you do for me if I, I'll promote you, I'll send this many, this many clicks and opt ins, you can send that many clicks and opt ins for me. And sounds like you're doing things a little bit differently.

Yeah, when you were giving me that, and that seems to be one of your superpowers.

You take my long, long and you, you condense it down into something bite sized. So thank you. Thank you. I'm not known for my brevity. But what I got really clear since I've actually trained with heart math and that's about the heart coherence, the heart and the mind being in coherence. And so as you were sharing the brief encapsulation, right, is that what we do is kind of flip how.

Business is being done with the affiliate management, which is numbers, data, and then connect if it works versus we're about the heart and the numbers. So don't get me wrong. We actually do look at numbers and we pay very well and we track and so I can get into some of those details because it is a business.

But the, the. When you were sharing the thought that popped in is it's about the heart first. It's about the connection first Mm hmm, and we really believe very strongly and dr. Michelle at the helm has led by example Consistently which is take really good care of people and treat people the way you wanted to be treated Right, and so as we've grown and as we've brought on affiliate partners We want to work with people that know us and trust us and believe in what we do.

So when we reach out and we say, will you promote for us? They can in good conscience say, Yes, absolutely. We love Dr Michelle. We love the work she's doing for women. She's of integrity. Absolutely. So in order to be in this position, we really do pay our long term partners very well. And we pay a little differently than that kind of you send me one lead.

I send you another lead or I know that there are some in the, in the space that will have weekly or monthly meetings saying we sent you this number. Now you send us. That number, and it's very transactional and this isn't to put anybody down in any way, shape or form, but it's just to simply say we do it a little differently.

And it has worked very well for our partners, meaning if we're a good fit, then we pay for the lead for the opt in. So what that would mean is, let's say you want to share one of our offers. Let's say, for example, the hormone restoration masterclass. We would offer our partners the ability to watch the entire masterclass so that they know what they're sending to their audience, right?

And that's your extended family in some way, right? So what you're sending out is good quality. You can preview it and there's no bait and switch. We, like I said, we treat people the way that we want to be treated. Here's good information for your time. And if someone in your list, so your extended family, if you will, shares your email, they opt in.

The affiliate gets paid a guaranteed 5 per lead. So it's a 5 EPL, earnings per lead, right? And that's rare and it's also, I've heard that we pay extremely well and we pay extremely well to be able to vet who will mail for us. And then also on the flip side, when people say, well, will you reciprocate? Dr.

Michelle's really clear. She only wants to promote things that she uses or feels good. As a doctor, she's not going to tell her clients, use this, but I've never tried it. She doesn't do that. She has a very loyal following and they trust her because of that very practice. In fact, like I said, I've been with her over six years and we have every, Twice a month we'll have some coaching calls and she was saying something about a certain protein powder and one of the clients raised their hands and they said, well, have you changed protein powders because you used to use this one and that was a good five years ago, they, they remember when she says I use this I love it.

And so that has been. Absolutely key is Dr. Michelle's integrity and authenticity. Yes, this is something I use. I use both. I love it. You know, so that's that's part of what we're doing is very brand focused because Dr. Michelle wants to main integrity with her audience. Yeah.

And I think that that's a key thing that a lot of people, they get into the JV space and it's, it's, you know, you got to reciprocate, you got to promote them.

And now if it's something like a, you know, a course, five day challenge, whatever, it's a little bit easier to say this sounds interesting. So I'm sharing with you. And there's certainly programs that I'll share, which are basically, I know the person doing it has integrity and the course sounds interesting.

So. Give it a shot. I'm not saying change your life. I'm saying they, I don't think they'll rip you off. And it seems like something worth checking out. And, you know, now I've made you aware of it and, and take a look, but you know, in the health space, it's even more important, especially about like, you know, protein powder, you're probably not going to use two or three.

You're probably going to use one. If it's, you know, something like that, then you might, you might only hire one health coach or, you know, so you need to maintain that heritage. And I've seen. So if you're not realizing the value of integrity, they promote anyone who offers to pay them and then they get paid per sale, not per lead.

So they promote any Tom, Dick and Harry who wanders along, don't get paid for it while still compromising their integrity. So I really like what you're saying about the importance of that integrity of only promoting the people that, you know, she knows or is working with or knows their product or knows their program.

Absolutely. And you made a really valuable point, which is, you know, people in their business, they've been growing their list. That's a trust. That's a, that's, that's, that's something that you're developing. And if it were me, I would want to know that what I was sharing with my audience, like you said, casually, okay, this is great.

I think there's a good connection here. I think that might be something valuable. Check it out is different than Mood swings, not sleeping. Hormonal shifts, right? We, we are working with women that perimenopause and menopause that might be going through I'll speak for myself, , if this is a t m i, but mood shift, you know, mood swings, massive mood swings and not sleeping and just not feeling like yourself.

So you wanna know if you're referring that you're referring to somebody that is about education, empowerment, and taking good care of your list, your people. Those are people. Right. They're not just email addresses. They are humans. And Dr. Michelle is committed to taking phenomenal care of women. And I think it's really important to know that if you are sharing with your audience, they're going to be ending up in a place that yes, you can't vet everything, but that you have, you have that feeling that I'm sending them to a place where they're going to be taken really good care of.

Or even if they decide not to join. They've received value and great information and it's in integrity. So I think it's really important to know that it's going to build your business to think about who is my client? How do they want to be treated? And when I'm sharing this information, is it a value or is it that energy of buy something from me?

That kind of scarcity, buy it now before you leave versus the abundance, right? Knowing that if it's of quality, and I think that's, that lends itself to why we can pay earnings per lead, right? So the email address, the opt in, why we can pay the 5 or in some cases more to our affiliates, to our partners, is that we know that What they're watching from Dr.

Michelle, the value of what they're going to receive, and we know that we have a phenomenal place for them to go. They're going to go to the hormone restoration masterclass. And then if they decide to join the healthy hormone club. We know that they're going to be taken care of and we know that so we have we have this process set up that we know that we're going to share good information and that more than likely we're going to create a phenomenal relationship and that they'll join the Healthy Hormone Club.

And so it's worked phenomenally well for us. So it really is an example of win win win.

Yep. And I think the other thing that is key and we talk about reciprocation is. Not every audience is reciprocatable. Is that a word? Yeah, so my audience is, is entrepreneurs. It's people starting businesses and a good portion of them are women over 40, which would be your audience.

It would be Dr. Michelle's audience, but that doesn't necessarily flow the same flow backwards. My main thing I'm doing is JV connect. That's the theme of this whole podcast season. And. So while many of the people in my audience either are paramedic, perimenopausal or menopausal women, or someone who has someone in their life very close to them who is I suspect a much smaller proportion of Dr.

Michelle's audience is looking for a great networking event. So it wouldn't necessarily make sense to say, you know, well you need to promote my thing back 'cause I'm promoting your thing. It, it wouldn't, most of our audience would be like, huh, networking. It, why, why the heck are you promoting this? This doesn't, this doesn't make sense for us.

This isn't our thing. And, and then it feels like, well obviously she must be doing 'cause you're getting paid. Okay, we're just the product. You know? Yes. If you align, if, if you're not, if you're not paying your other product. So yeah. Now I see why she's promoting this and, and that, that violates the integrity of promote out of alignment.

Absolutely. And I think whether they recognize it or not, they feel it. Right. And I think that the last three years plus, but especially the last three years, I feel that people are hungry and are wanting that truth, the authenticity. This is an alignment. This feels right versus they're saying one thing and something else is happening.

And so I think that when you have the business that is, this is an alignment, we're making good choices of how we would want to be treated. People inherently feel that whether they can actually articulate that, or they, they sense it, right. We sense when we're being told the truth or when we're being sold.

And it really feels. Different. And then I also wanted to share one other thing. As you said, your audience being entrepreneurs. I think it might be fun to talk about when I let's say you're doing a promotion. You're sending for someone who has a product that they're selling. The way that I understand it is that you're paid.

Date I mean, 30, 60, 90, it depends on the, the arrangements, but you, you have, there has to be time for returns, chargebacks, you know, so there can be quite a delay from the time that you send the information out to the payment. And so with our model, what's a little different, I'll just speak to our contest that we just did in July because that's the most recent in my mind.

We do have one coming in November, which is fun. I'd love to talk about that in a second. But the July contest was a week. We paid our affiliates over a 100, 000. in that one week to send for us. We raised 16, 000 for Girls Inc. And that's because we ran the contest so that we could donate to Girls Inc.

So the affiliates got paid. The Girls Incorporated got paid. We sent a bunch of girls to summer camp, which was really, really phenomenal. And we donated the 16, 000 in our affiliates name. In their names. So that was really exciting. But the reason I'm giving you all that backstory is because the affiliates sent in the middle of July, August 1st, they were paid.

Thanks. So I think that's important to know with, with our partners is that they're sending, even if they send on the 28th, our, our payments are going to go out on the 1st or the 2nd of that next month.

And what that shows me is you have faith in your system and products. Because, because very often it is the affiliates promote.

And then if a sale comes of it, a percentage pays out which, you know, more directly aligns the. The results with the payments, but it also places more of the risk and the delay on the affiliates who are the smaller players they're putting in, you know, especially the smaller ones, you know, the ones with a list of 500 or a thousand who might get one sale and sitting here, they're waiting for the one sale and it's coming whenever it comes in.

But if they, if there's a charge back, then that's, that's the whole, whole ball game. So that whole client, that whole payment, it all goes, whereas you're, you're compensating the affiliate at the marketing level. So instead of paying for Facebook ads or paying for TV ads or whatever, your, you, you know, that on average, a lead is worth this much because we have this closing ratio and this customer lifetime value.

And, you know, it's, it's not hard math to do if you have the, if you have the track record. And so you can look and you can say, okay, yeah. So lead might be worth you know, lifetime elite is worth 11. So it's. It's a no brainer to pay 5 and if there's a then that that includes the chargebacks and the ones that don't buy and the ones that fall off and the credit cards that don't because it also includes the ones that do buy because you're just you're playing the big numbers instead of paying 1, 000 commission.

You're just paying five and five and five and five and five and five and five and five. And so, you know, the leads came in, you don't need to wait six months. But like, did the leads really come in? Are these really leads? You know, you know, they're there so you can pay for them then. And, and that, of course, that's motivating for the affiliates.

Nothing, nothing motivates. There's, there's a one program and they pay me semi annually. So, you know, when I promote them, I produce content for them. When I remember, I can produce content for them anytime. It's a content thing. I produce content. I can produce content anytime. But when they pay me in March and September, that's like, Oh, I got to create some content for these guys.

Cause this is worth a bunch of money. And then by the end of the six month cycle, I'm like, Oh, what was I supposed to be doing? And then the money shows up like, Oh, I wish I made more content for this. It got, it's like, I guess so many things going on and I'm sure everyone does that they forget, but nothing reminds you like that money in your account.

Absolutely. And, and I like the, I like the, I put the effort in and then here it comes right back to me. Right. So you're putting in the good and you get right back the good. And, and so you, you, yeah, to have that like out of sight, out of mind twice a year, that, that feels less fun. And so. And so that's actually something that we're doing in November with the contest, we're actually adding in, if, if you're relatively new to the affiliate management space you get your own individualized affiliate link and you send out to your list and, and then you're paid from people signing up, but we also have little prizes, right?

So cash money that goes along with. The, the contest. And so some people might be very familiar with that model and some might not but it's, it's about 15, 000 on top of the earnings per lead. So I think that's nice to know that there are contests that you can get into, but you want to make sure that if it's important to you, the longevity.

piece that you're aligning yourself with quality content. And so just to point out also the 5 is a guaranteed minimum. So there are partners that our audiences are just really beautifully aligned. And for those people we can actually review the numbers and come back proactively and say, well, it looks like we're a really phenomenal fit.

And let's go ahead and increase this guaranteed EPL for you. So that's something that we can do also. And so that's why I say we take really good care of our long term partners because we do, and we, we have faith in our healthy hormone club, because once again, it was set up with integrity by Dr.

Michelle, because she saw a massive need and she wanted it done correctly. She was If I could just tell quickly the backstory. Sure. Yeah, she is. Yeah. She's a naturopathic physician and a hormone specialist and has her practice and all these clients going through. And she, she knew that in her program women would be well served with bioidentical hormone support.

And so she wanted to bring that in and she couldn't find anything that she could recommend in good conscience. She just, the information out there was horrible, the products were horrible, and the administration was horrible. And she's like, wait a minute, this is not right. And so instead of staying frustrated.

She designed her own program so that she could have integrity over the testing, the retesting, she designed her own bioidentical hormone products, right, so she could have control and integrity over every ingredient, and I kid you not, she really dove in to make sure that everything was exactly the way that she wanted it, and then also set up the Healthy Hormone Club to have support with hormone specialists, right.

And also individualized dosing, right? So that women are getting individualized support, right? Their own unique dosing schedule. So it's really important to know that the information's of integrity, the testing and the retesting, the products themselves, and then how they're administered. So sometimes people, you know, think of any intervention, medical intervention, if you take too much of something, that's a load on your body.

Right? So Dr. Michelle wanted to make sure that all the pieces were the best that they could be and in integrity so that women were getting exactly what their body needed the minimum effective dose, right? Versus getting slathered too much, too less. So it's, it's really our being able to pay the guaranteed lead is because we have total trust in our system, right?

And what we've set up.

Yep. Yeah, I think so. It's very important there. And we overlooked this sometimes in the coaching. Someone posted recently on Facebook. I saw it. Why is all this talk about, you know, 10Xing our marketing results, but not talking about 10Xing the transformation we deliver and the focus is all on how do you sell it?

How do you sell it? How do you sell, how do you build a funnel? How do you write copy? How do you Facebook ads? How do you this, that, and the other, and there's very little about how do you become a better coach? How do you become, how do you create a more effective training? How do you, any of that? Because it's all, well, I just go back to the well, go get more.

Go get more fresh leads and, and sell them through the funnel. And they'll figure it out. Maybe they'll get something, maybe they won't. And so the, the commitment, and there's this growing backlash against that. Cause you know, 2020, 100, 000 people flooded into the industry and, and took a bunch of courses about how they could make 10, 000 a month in 67 days.

And they were like, okay. And we saw a lot of that. And so, so it's always refreshing when you encounter these, these businesses that are, are focused on, we found a way to do it differently and better, and now we're using these tools of marketing, affiliate marketing, and other strategies to deliver that message, but not just to, to drive traffic and drive numbers, but to actually deliver a greater impact to the world instead of just a better impact to your bank account.

Thank you. Thank you for that's beautifully. Yes. Yes. Yes. That's exactly what she did was in taking good care of her clients really stops started to see needs emerge. Right. So she has, and still does glow protocol, which is A to Z, right. Going body system by body system healing program. And through that, through years of having that program, she really started to pinpoint what do women really need and they really needed the bioidentical hormone support.

They needed good sleep help with the mood swings. And so she was able to identify kind of doing her own market research, if you will, within her company to figure out what. What is a need? And it organically emerged. This is a need and it was not being served in any way, shape or form that she felt was good enough, right?

This is not good enough for my clients. I want better. And so she created it herself. And so yes, the quality product did come first and then the marketing and the efforts it grew organically, but then now it's much more strategic, but it does come from that confidence in. What we are offering to women is education empowerment and bioidentical hormone support done correctly, right?

And so when you have that as a base, it's it does It does grow when you put the good out there. It comes back magnified

And one thing I'll say about the program is that it's not a high ticket offer, right? It's a reasonably priced program that's accessible to a larger, you know, larger audience, as opposed to yeah, there's a lot of these, these, these.

Almost superstitions of marketing that I'm, I'm starting to find. And one of them is the, you know, you must have a high ticket offer or you can't have a business, which, you know, I, I, you know, only, only high price companies succeed, which is why Walmart and McDonald's and Amazon are struggling. Cause you know, they don't have a high ticket offer.


And, and, and that's why, you know, that's why. Mercedes is so much bigger than Volkswagen. It's not for those of you who know. Volkswagen owns 14 different car companies and it was the low ticket version of the car company. In fact, actually the car industry, it's the consumer brands that own luxury brands.

Honda owns Acura, Toyota owns Infiniti. I think it's Infiniti. Yeah, Volkswagen owns Audi. It's all the, the cheap ones that own the big ones. So this concept of like every year, you must be high ticket or, you know, know your worth and all that. It, it gets a little bit cart before the horse. So I really liked the pricing model that was based on, this is what our people can pay.

This is something that's highly valuable and it's going to scale because a lot of people need it as opposed to scale for the sake

of scale. Absolutely. And she's maintained integrity of the pricing. That's always been something that she wants to make sure that it's that it's all inclusive, right? So it's under 150 a month for testing, retesting and hormones shipped right to your door if you're in the U S.

So it is very affordable. We do have an option where you can pay in full and save two monthly payments. So there's a way that you could do that if you wanted to pay for the year. But we, And Dr. Michelle has been really phenomenally careful about maintaining the, the pricing and not charging more because she could, she wants to make sure that it stays affordable but that we've actually added more services, right?

So some people might start to say, well, let's start to pull back. So we can increase profits. She's added, you know, like she's going to do so she's added just different amenities into the program instead of scaling back. So in fact. One of the she now is going to have a hormone hour where people can check in and just say hi to Dr.

Michelle, right? So once a month, she's going to check in with the audience and just say hi and her clients are not an audience. They're her clients. And so you know, just to, to make herself more accessible. And, and so it's, it's really, it's a, it's a beautiful family. And as we've grown and as we've scaled what's really fun as an organization is that everybody I'm working with is really is really.

Good. And we have a valuable team that's grown. And so I think when you are a good person with a good product and then you scale, you bring in other phenomenal people. So not only do we have great clients, but we have a phenomenal team. So I think that's important to mention also.

Yeah. Yeah. And I, I love that.

That energy about you know, how can we better serve our community? How can we better serve the audience? You know, not looking for an exit, not looking for a big way, not, not, you know, well, we could probably double our prices and people still buy. Well, yeah. Except for the ones who can't. And. That's a problem for them.

And so I think that's, that's a very powerful thing that, that, that energy of seeing your client and, you know, something you said when you said, you know, audience, no, no, not audience or clients. I, I like to use the word community rather than audience because that changes the way you think about it. I tell you about my email community.

Not my email list. I like that. My email community. Because when I send an email, I'm sending it out to 2, 500 of my friends. It's not, it's not, you know, 2, 500 people in the target market. It's 2, 500 of my friends. And you know, if somebody wants to leave my community because they don't like me, that's fine.

That doesn't bother me. Or they're not aligned or they don't want to read all my stuff or whatever. That's, it doesn't, it's not like they're not my friend anymore, but it's when I'm sending it, I'm saying, these are people have chosen to be in my community. And so I owe them the, the fidelity of, of sharing good content, good information in a way that matters.

And, and it's interesting because I, I, I look at how much, how much money I left on the side of the road in my journey that I could have charged for this. I could have done this, I probably could have done this kind of program. I could have, but I, I keep fixating on this, but what will that do for them?

And if it won't do for them, I don't want to do it. I don't care if that's worth. I don't care what I have to do to keep going because I don't have that money. And that's, I think that's a, that's a very important thing. And that's why I wanted to have you on here. Talk about this, this sort of different energy you bring to the To the joint venture and, and so I want to share from where we first met.

We've had a networking event as I do very often that you were talking about, you know, I, you know, I do joint venture, but we don't reciprocate. So I don't know how that works for you guys. And you sort of had that, like, I don't know if you're going to yell at me because I don't reciprocate, but we're here and I'm like, yeah, come on over.

Cause because you reciprocate with money, which is cool. And you do a good thing. And as I pointed out to you, 80 percent of people I promote don't pay me anyway. Not cause they don't. return their, deliver on their promises, but just because they don't convert. So I send them people, they get on their list and that's the end of the story.

Thanks for playing. So so for me, it really is about promoting good things. Cause since I may or may not get paid anyway, I might as well be doing good work for my people.

Taking good care. And I, I think that it can be, I think that it can be both right. And so that you can be paid handsomely for, for sharing a high quality products.

Right. And so that it can grow. And when you have your audience, your community, I love that. I really, really love that you, you thank you. So I'm going to write that down and, and share that if that's okay with you that, that people really do think of their, their. Members and their, their list, right?

Those email lists, that's your community. Those are people. And so I love, I really, really love the community piece. Thank you so much. And yes, I've, I've noticed, cause I'm, I'm, like I said, I'm relatively new to the affiliate marketing space. So jumped right into this role. Right before a July contest, right?

So a million dollar contest and I jump in. I'm like, hi, I'm new. So now I've gotten a little bit of the, the experience of, well, we'd love to help, but we can't unless you reciprocate and, and you can't. And just had to start to feel very comfortable saying that's just not aligned with our brand and we we pay the high guaranteed EPL because we're very selective and Dr.

Michelle will always main integrity on the products that she will promote for, or if she's speaking on a summit, she'll absolutely promote it because she's there and, and she's, she's going to promote what she has been speaking on, right. Or speaking to, right. So thinking of it as a family or community, that's really powerful.

Yeah. And if I could, I'd love to if there's enough time, just talk about her newest adventure, the hope for the holidays contest. Is that okay? Yeah. So this just really lends itself to putting good in the world. And so what we've done, and I do want to share whether anyone joins or not this idea so that hopefully it can be replicated.

So Dr. Michelle loves Girls Incorporated, and she found out last year that, that there were just certain children that were not getting presents, and so she wanted to rectify that. And so this contest that we're doing in November, so the dates are November 8th through the 17th, and what we're going to be doing is paying our affiliates the same guaranteed EPL.

that we normally pay, right? So the guaranteed 5 EPL for the hormone restoration masterclass. And then just as a quick little side note, we have four other offers that are high quality, like an ebook, which is 235 pages. It's called hormone harmony. And on our affiliate landing page, which hopefully will be shared with us, you can see the entire 235 page book, right?

So it's phenomenal book. Those are 2 and we have one partner that's made. Over 200, 000, just sending to the ebook, right? So don't think that you just have to send to the hormone restoration masterclass. However, if you were to share with your community, 1 of our offers, you have the guaranteed EPL, which is the paid for the click, you know, the, the name and then If you send to the masterclass, that's 5 and 1 will go to girls Inc.

And with the books, it's 2 that you're paid for the books or the guides. And then 50 cents goes to girls incorporated. And so what we have set up with girls incorporated this year is that war. I believe over 150 families that we're buying gifts and presents for and we're going to get them to the parents before the holidays so that the parents can prepare the gifts and give it to the children themselves.

And we're going to be using the donations in our affiliates names, right? So we're going to donate to Girls Inc in the affiliates names, which I think is cool. And we're going to be giving them a holiday party. So that's where I like to say it's win, win, win. It's win for the affiliates that are getting paid, win that they know that they're taking good care of women in perimenopause and menopause.

And absolutely the most important piece in my heart is the win for the kiddos, the girls and boys that get some gifts and a nice holiday party. And just have that piece of like, somebody cares, right? I think that's really... Important.

Yeah, that's great. Yeah, I love love the concept. I love that you're you know, focusing on giving back and and creating these these events for for the partners and saying like this is game time if you want to do that.

But the other thing I really like to given how my system works was the fact that that it can be thrown at any time. So it's not just during that week or just during that, that 10 days or whatever it is. It's I could promote to the ebook today, tomorrow, next month, December, February, whenever. So it's so often I have these partners say, okay, so you want to, I want you to promote for us.

And so from the 3rd to the 7th promote this, but then 10th promote this and 11th. And I'm like, okay, well, could I just note that now? No, no, no, no. It's not up now. It's an ebook. Like, why is it not up now? Cause now promote it. There's just very much attitude of this is how we're doing it. And you will promote it this way.

I'm like to my audience, I'm prone to my audience, your way. That's, that's a little bit odd that I'm talking to my people your way. So I like the flexibility that you're providing this, you know, here's here's trucks you can work in and here's copy you could use or whatever works, whatever works, which is a great, a great mix of both.

Thank you. Yes, they're evergreen. The, the hormone restoration masterclass is evergreen and the full book and the guides. Absolutely. And I love that we've offered to the affiliates on that landing page. You can actually preview. Like I said, you can watch the entire masterclass. You could read the entire book.

You see the landing page that you're going to be sending to your community. Right. And so you can preview that and say here, community, I've taken a look. And, and I, and so you can feel an integrity sharing that and promoting, if that feels good to you. So

how can people get in touch with you? If they hear this and they say, I'd, I'd be interested in promoting that.

And I was trying to connect you to directly and not just give them the affiliate page. Because obviously that would only be for the, for the potential affiliates. If they're interested in the programs, my links will be in the, in the description. So they'll be able to find all the, all the great stuff you're talking about.

If they're just interested in the content, but so how can someone get in touch with you if they're interested in being an affiliate?

Sure. It's Jen. So J E N at glow, natural wellness. com. So I'm going to say it again. J E N at glow, natural wellness. com. That's my email. That's the best way to get in touch.

And I do want to say one other thing. So years ago one of my friends, we had been out together and a couple of days later, I opened up the mail and she had sent me a handwritten. Thank you card. I will never forget that because it's just not something that I had received from someone, you know, and just, we went out to lunch and she wrote me a note, like, this was so great, blah, blah, blah, made such an impression.

And I had a very similar experience on the networking event with you and then emailing back and forth, you were able to, so I, like I said, I have a tendency to ramble at times and you wrote back like a very succinct, so what you're saying is And I was like, yes, and The art of the referral, the art of meeting someone being able to say, Oh, I really understand what you're doing.

And I think that this person would really appreciate that. That's a superpower. So that was my long winded way of saying, you're kind of like the handwritten note, right? Of this art, this beautiful art of connecting people. And when we're just like with numbers can take over the affiliate space. The numbers are important.

But with technology and all the ways that we can quote unquote connect, you're actually providing a very human. I see. Okay. I can understand. This feels like a good fit and I see this kind of match here. That's a very powerful super power and really, it's like, you know, major points for the humans. So, well,

thank you.

I appreciate that. I really That doesn't mean a lot to hear that. And, and it's, it's funny cause I, you know, cause a lot of people, they, they send out, you know, send out cards and whatnot. And I don't, I don't send out the notes and cause that's just organization levels. I don't have, but I've been, I talked to some people.

I said, yeah, so I don't send thank you notes. I don't send is, is. Things, but I do send introductions and they were like, keep your notes. I'll take your introductions.

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. That was not a plug for the handwritten note. It was just more of that like memorable piece. Like, Whoa, that really stuck out.


Yeah. And I appreciate that. That because I always, you know, we always look at what we always compare what we're bad at, what other people are good at. And I'm like, ah, I wish I was better at sending the notes and the gifts and those, those thoughtful things. But finally people were like, okay, notes are nice.

We know it's really helpful. It's an introduction to the person I can partner with. Keep your note. Send me the intro. It's like, oh, so I don't need to send notes. I just need to send intros. Cool. Takes about the same amount of time too. So so it works out fine.

Yeah. It's definitely a superpower and, and that ability to.

To connect the people is just a growing, whether we recognize it or not we need, we need that community. We need each other. And to be able to have somebody say, I see this in this person. I see this in this person. I think you're a good fit to connect is really powerful. So thank you. I really appreciate


Yeah, no, thank you. Thank you for for recognizing that. And it's, it's something I do naturally. And I'm like, Oh, everyone does that. Right. Oh, no, apparently they don't. Because, you know, each of us has our own, our own gifts that we are given. Mine is, is that, as I say, connection with the networking spirits.

That say, Ah, while you're talking to Jay, you know who you should talk to? This person. Why? I don't know. The universe is telling me. So I make the connection often works out. So works out very well. So if you listening, want to connect with Jen, her email again is Jen at glow, natural wellness. com. That'll be in the show notes in the description.

If you're interested in learning more about what glow does as a consumer, there'll be some links masterclass and The at least an e book. I haven't actually gone through the links, but some of them will be down there and you'll be able to get some of that cool stuff and, and all, and I believe all those links are, are free stuff, right?

It's yeah, so they can experience, they can experience it and learn about it that way. And of course, if you want to go through it before you. You know, reach out to Jen to find out if you want to promote it. That's totally fine as well. So that is, is absolutely an option. Well, Jen, thank you very much for having us.

It's so great to you know, I don't want to make it sound like everyone else I meet in the JV industry is all money, money, money, because they're, they're absolutely not. There's some wonderful people there, but it was, it's so great to have someone focusing on. On this side of it and the, the making the difference and making the impact and giving back and doing that through affiliate JVs, as opposed to affiliate JVs to make money.

And then once we have money that we can maybe give back or something. So it's such a, such a wonderful way of, of approaching things. So thank you so much for being on.

Thank you for having me, really an honor. Thank you so much.

Thank you for joining us. For the guy who knows The Guy Podcast, I'm Michael Whitehouse, the guy who knows the guy, and I hope you'll join us in December from the 12th to the 14th. For JV Connect, go to Guy who knows a for more details. Now, if it's after December, 2023 and you're listening to this, it's okay because we're gonna be doing this event every quarter, so go to Guy knows a

See what's new, see what's happening, and of course check the show notes to learn about our guests and how you can get in touch with them. Check out our next episode for more great training, information, and networking tips from Michael Whitehouse, the guy who knows a guy.

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