Melody Owen, Author Nation

Melody Ann Owen is a content strategist and storyteller. Story is at the center of human connection, whether you want to make a sale, or convince your partner to go to your favorite restaurant. While travelling and working in Asia and South America, Melody Ann lived the stories of the places she visited and the people she met. Now back in Canada, Melody Ann works with businesses and entrepreneurs to help create messages that matter, and develop content that creates connections. She is on a mission to help make networking more fun by convincing entrepreneurs to tell stories during their 30 second introductions.

Melody Ann Owen is also the founder of Author Nation, a community for nonfiction authors who want to create their own success, on their terms. The community includes a YouTube channel, podcasts, and a live interview show every Thursday. Members also enjoy community write-ins, resources, workshops, and webinars. When Melody Ann is not creating content and supporting Authors, she is meandering in the mountains, creating new stories.


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Robert Riopel, Success Leaves a Clue

Robert Raymond Riopel is an international Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today. With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert draws on his journey from humble beginnings to financial freedom at the age of 32, to inspire individuals into tapping into their greatness. Realizing that he is not the only person that struggles, Robert’s “Clues” open individuals up to the possibilities that lie within them and that is why he is a highly sought after presenter.

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Podapalooza – Melissa Dealy, Your Guided Health Journey

Melissa worked in the Corporate world for 24 years, until one day big fish bought little fish and she was given an hour to clear out her desk and no word of thanks. This led Melissa on a journey to re-invent herself and 7 years later she is an Integrative Health Practitioner & Registered Health Coach, dedicated to helping her clients discover the root cause of their health issue and truly heal. But it wasn’t always that way. Melissa’s business is 100% virtual, and she works with the entire English speaking world. Melissa uses a 2 prong approach:

1) Discover your toxic load and lower it

2) Discover your body’s imbalances and support them with natural supplements and herbs so the body can come back into balance, at which point it will heal itself. This is done through the use of Functional Medicine lab tests, mailed to your home!

Melissa offers a very high level of support, to ensure her clients’ success, as we navigate the path bringing the body back into balance, while creating new lifestyle habits to ensure lasting results.

Melissa is the winner of the Alignable 2022 Local Business Person Of The Year Award for Whistler and the 2021 Quality Care Award by Businesses From The Heart, and has been featured in Brainz Magazine, Pursuit 365, and Fresh Magazine, featuring 365 Canadian Women who lead by example in the every-day pursuit of success, happiness, and achievement. Melissa is also the host of the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast, an podcast offering practical education around health, which ranked in the top 5% of Global podcasts by Listen Notes in the first 3 months of launching.

When not serving her clients, Melissa can be found on her paddle board, or backcountry hiking & camping with her daughter(s) or downhill skiing or cross country skiing, or planning her next trip for her Girl Guides (Girl Scout) unit or working on her passion project, Girls Matter, helping keep girls in school in Uganda, breaking the poverty cycle, one girl, one family, one village at a time.

Podapalooza – Paula Skaper, Marketing and Storytelling

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur. Paula Skaper combines a deep passion for marketing & storytelling with a pragmatic obsession with profitability and isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. She has owned a successful marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada for more than 20 years. A digital pioneer, Paula was also a key member of the team that introduced online banking to the US with HSBC Canada, launched eCommerce for major retail brands including Future Shop/Best Buy and London Drugs, and Intrawest Resorts (Playground Real Estate). Today she works exclusively with entrepreneurs who are committed to breaking through the growth ceiling to reach their first million dollar plus year using the Growth Architecture Blueprint – her proven framework that has helped her clients achieve growth between 25% and 300% during the Covid19 pandemic.

Podapalooza – Bonita Joy Yoder, The Court Jester

As a recovering attorney who entertains, Bonita Joy Yoder is known as “The Court Jester.” Bonita JOY Yoder now speaks, emcees and edutains. She brings humor into her presentations through her ventriloquism puppet friends, who love to co-emcee and comment on situational humor that happen in the present moment. Her vision is to bring more of her middle name, Joy, to help lighten up the world especially during serious times.

Her experience includes magic and ventriloquism shows, over 25 years of law practice and real estate investments. She is the author of an award-winning book, “The Heart and Soul of Real Estate”. and is also a former syndicated magazine columnist.

Bonita JOY Yoder can help lighten up your business culture or bring unconventional “talking heads” to your events. She also shows how to bring humor into your video marketing and online training.

Podapalooza – Consuela Munoz, Own Your Confidence

Consuela Muñoz is a Speaker, and Leadership Strengths Coach. Author of H.E.R. Story – The Day She Stopped. Leaders hire her to master the power of leadership because most dismiss their natural leadership style, lack confidence, and lose their top performers. So I help them discover their leadership strengths, build their confidence, and attract the best. Bottom line, you’ll be the confident leader everyone would love to work with.

Celebrate your gifts

Engage your strengths

Own your confidence

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Podapalooza – Diana Lidstone, Work Less Earn More

After three decades in business and working globally with coaches, consultants, and other service-based experts, Diana Lidstone has gathered rock-solid wisdom and advice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth and explode profits. Her work embodies #worklessearnmore!

As the creator of the Grow-meter and The Marketing Proficiency Effect, and as best-selling author of Shift into Rich: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success, Diana’s signature GROW Equation transforms frazzled, overworked business owners into profitable, overjoyed CEOs. Her new podcast, The GROW Equation Business Podcast, contains tips, strategies & interviews to help you grow your profits, your free time and your joy!

Diana and her husband love boating in the Thousand Islands, Canada. She is often found walking her dog and drinking champagne (not at the same time)!

Podapalooza – Tammy Gross, scriptpreneur

Tammy Gross is a #1 Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Screenwriter, Filmmaker, & a Screenplay & Novel Editor. Her bestselling novel, Evangelina, is based on her award-winning screenplay of the same name, & it is slated for film production with an A-List producer later this year. As a Scriptpreneur, Tammy helps authors & entrepreneurs bring their stories to Hollywood in a 4-month program.

Podapalooza – Stephanie Angle, Entreprenuer Edutrainer

Stephanie Angle, Entreprenuer Edutrainer from Advantage Angle will share three tips about creating course content that educates and inspires. Stephanie specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to hone their content and their delivery of that content to maximize impact and engagement.

Stephanie Angle is the Best-Selling author of the book, L.E.A.P. Into Your Legacy: Beginning to Build Your Dream and an up-and-coming TV Producer on the Zondra TV Network. As an experienced speaker and presenter at virtual summits and live events she has shared her message of transformation. In her work as a consultant and other leadership roles she has demonstrated a history of being a change agent in the lives of those with whom she works. Her experience in the field of education has equipped her with special skill sets to work with individuals who want to move forward as an edupreneur – taking your expertise to a larger audience.

Stephanie Angle develops and facilitates sessions, workshops, and trainings built on neuroscience, mindset, and brain-based research practices. She guides her clients through a process to hone their content and deliver that content to maximize impact and engagement. Her strong leadership abilities coupled with an educational course creation background provide the basis for a well-equipped and capable entrepreneur edutrainer who can move you forward in your personal growth and business goals.

Podapalooza – Frank King, Comedian fighting suicide

A writer for the Tonight Show for 20 Years, a full time speaker and comedian for 35 years, TEDx Coaching for 7 years, and has done 6 TEDx Talks on mental health.

Speaks on Suicide Prevention as a Workplace Health and Safety Issue.

Lives with Major Depressive Disorder and Chronic Suicidality.

He’s come close enough to dying by suicide that he can tell you what the barrel of his gun tastes like.