Podapalooza – Tammy Gross, scriptpreneur

Tammy Gross is a #1 Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Screenwriter, Filmmaker, & a Screenplay & Novel Editor. Her bestselling novel, Evangelina, is based on her award-winning screenplay of the same name, & it is slated for film production with an A-List producer later this year. As a Scriptpreneur, Tammy helps authors & entrepreneurs bring their stories to Hollywood in a 4-month program.



Podapalooza – Stephanie Angle, Entreprenuer Edutrainer

Stephanie Angle, Entreprenuer Edutrainer from Advantage Angle will share three tips about creating course content that educates and inspires. Stephanie specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to hone their content and their delivery of that content to maximize impact and engagement.

Stephanie Angle is the Best-Selling author of the book, L.E.A.P. Into Your Legacy: Beginning to Build Your Dream and an up-and-coming TV Producer on the Zondra TV Network. As an experienced speaker and presenter at virtual summits and live events she has shared her message of transformation. In her work as a consultant and other leadership roles she has demonstrated a history of being a change agent in the lives of those with whom she works. Her experience in the field of education has equipped her with special skill sets to work with individuals who want to move forward as an edupreneur – taking your expertise to a larger audience.

Stephanie Angle develops and facilitates sessions, workshops, and trainings built on neuroscience, mindset, and brain-based research practices. She guides her clients through a process to hone their content and deliver that content to maximize impact and engagement. Her strong leadership abilities coupled with an educational course creation background provide the basis for a well-equipped and capable entrepreneur edutrainer who can move you forward in your personal growth and business goals.



Podapalooza – Frank King, Comedian fighting suicide

A writer for the Tonight Show for 20 Years, a full time speaker and comedian for 35 years, TEDx Coaching for 7 years, and has done 6 TEDx Talks on mental health.

Speaks on Suicide Prevention as a Workplace Health and Safety Issue.

Lives with Major Depressive Disorder and Chronic Suicidality.

He’s come close enough to dying by suicide that he can tell you what the barrel of his gun tastes like.




Podapalooza – Diann Alexander, Voice, Confidence, and Energy

Diann Alexander is a Voice Teacher, Confidence Catalyst, Energy Codes®️ Certified Master Trainer, Amazon best-selling author, Leverage Your Expertise and creator of Stage Confidence: Nervous to Noteworthy in 6 Weeks. She empowers speakers, presenters, and coaches to freely communicate their heartfelt message with confidence and authenticity. Her gifted synergy draws upon three advanced academic degrees, 50+ years of voice teaching, music directing, and 25 years of energy facilitation. Diann utilizes this wealth of experience to empower her students and audiences. Her joyful way of being and the transforming vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls assist speakers, presenters and coaches create confidence, clarity, and audience connection. From Stage Fright to Stage Might, Diann helps Awaken Your Authentic Voice.



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Chris Nielson, Say Yes to Speaker Success

Chris Nielson combines more than 30 years of business and sales experience, with his love of improvisational comedy to both entertain and educate global audiences. He is a dynamically powerful, yet playful speaker, trainer, change facilitator, coach, and consultant.

He is certified Awakened Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach.

He is the Founder of Speaker Skills Plus (A playful place of inevitable success to grow your speaking skills)

Leaders and teams at Microsoft, Hilton, Federal Reserve Bank, UCSD, Sony, and many more have shared laughs and memorable experiences as Chris masterfully creates engaging environments through games.

He turns the “Great Resignation” into the Great Engagement!

Audience members walk away with tools to improve cooperation, communication, creativity, collaboration, and leadership in the organizations and in their lives.

Book recommendation: Mindset by Carol Dweck




Tom Poland, Leadsology

Tom Poland is the multiple best-selling marketing author with over 37 years’ experience in sales and marketing. He has also started, managed and sold multiple businesses including teams of over 100 and revenue of more than twenty million dollars. At time of writing Tom is currently working with clients in 27 cities and 15 time zones around the world and describes himself as ‘voluntarily married’, living in a house on the sand, next to the blue waves at little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia.




Paul Comfort, The Future of Public Transportation

Paul Comfort is the SVP Business Development & Chief Customer Officer at Trapeze Group, host of the award-winning podcast, Transit Unplugged, and bestselling author of The Future of Public Transportation. Hess a passionate transit evangelist and frequent speaker on the most important issues facing transit today, and how to solve them. He most recently served as CEO and GM of MTA Maryland (Baltimore’s transit agency), the 11th largest transit system in the U.S. He’s a frequent speaker at transit conferences.

Author of Full Throttle

Susan Cushman, Author

Memphis-based author Susan Cushman has announced her latest book, John and Mary Margaret (Koelher Books, June 2021).

John and Mary Margaret is a rare insider’s look into the white privilege bubble of a young girl growing up in Jackson, Mississippi and participating in sorority life on the Ole Miss campus in the late 1960s. But it’s also a candid portrayal of a young Black boy from Memphis who follows his dream to study law at the predominantly white university.

What happens when their shared love for literature blossoms into an ill-fated romance? Spanning five decades of historical civil rights events in Mississippi and Memphis, John and Mary Margaret’s story will challenge the status quo and give us another opportunity to examine our history and our hearts.

Susan Cushman sets John and Mary Margaret, her second novel and seventh book, in her home state of Mississippi and her current city of Memphis. Cushman’s published books include Friends of the Library (short stories), Cherry Bomb (novel), Tangles and Plaques: A Mother and Daughter Face Alzheimer’s (memoir), and three anthologies she edited.

Susan writes with deep insight into the South’s storied past, bringing elements of hope and healing to her short stories, memoir and novels – honoring the heart, soul and history of the South.

Susan is a wife, mother and grandmother.


Season 4 Trailer – Abundance Minded Entrepreneurs

I have been privileged to be surrounded by abundance minded entrepreneurs over the past two years, and it has made all the difference in my life. As I have built my business and mission, I have received generous gifts of advice, motivation, inspiration, introductions, and more from a countless series of people who believe that generously giving is the only way to truly gain.

In the fourth season of the Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast, I intend to reciprocate this gift to the Universe. I am inviting abundance minded people to share their stories, their wisdom, their knowledge, and their inspiration with my audience.

I have been blessed with amazing opportunities, and it is my mission to share the gifts I have received with others.

To apply to be a guest in Season 4 of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, click here for the application.

Jeff Nischwitz, Leadership Impact, Team Engagement, Culture

Known as a Facilitator of Truth, Snow Globe Shaker and the Leader of Shift, Jeff Nischwitz is a man on a mission – a mission to help people shift how they lead and thereby shift their leadership impact. Jeff’s the Founder of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking, consulting and coaching company that transforms people and organizations—one truth at a time! He also co-hosts Leadership Junkies Podcast (http://www.leadershipjunkies.com).

As an international leadership, team engagement and culture speaker, Jeff Nischwitz is known for his unique perspectives, for challenging traditional thinking, and for delivering tangible shifts for leaders to grow their people, build their businesses and enhance their relationships. Jeff has published five leadership and business books, including his most recent, Snow Globe Leadership: Shaken, Not Settled (November 2021). Jeff works with a wide range of organizations on growing leaders, building engaged and empowered teams, accountability and achieving your whole other level of impact and influence.