Podapalooza – Diann Alexander, Voice, Confidence, and Energy

Diann Alexander is a Voice Teacher, Confidence Catalyst, Energy Codes®️ Certified Master Trainer, Amazon best-selling author, Leverage Your Expertise and creator of Stage Confidence: Nervous to Noteworthy in 6 Weeks. She empowers speakers, presenters, and coaches to freely communicate their heartfelt message with confidence and authenticity. Her gifted synergy draws upon three advanced academic degrees, 50+ years of voice teaching, music directing, and 25 years of energy facilitation. Diann utilizes this wealth of experience to empower her students and audiences. Her joyful way of being and the transforming vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls assist speakers, presenters and coaches create confidence, clarity, and audience connection. From Stage Fright to Stage Might, Diann helps Awaken Your Authentic Voice.



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