Rob Rubinetti, Author of Shadows Of The Future

Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, interviews Robert Rubinetti, author of the Shadows of the Future series: a novel spanning from the near future to a time when mankind spreads across the stars finding mysteries they never expected.

Robert Rubinetti grew up in West Orange NJ. He was very artistic doing theater, miniature theater, playing music, but he had a great love of science and science fiction. Likely why he later went on to obtain degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering. Growing up in an unparalleled time of space exploration since he was a child only fueled my sense of wonder. Seeing the universe through the eyes of great people of the time like Carl Sagan and through platforms such as Voyager, Hubble, and now the James Webb Space Telescope, he could not help but be completely taken with the mysteries and awe of universe. Throughout his life he wrote stories which he kept until he reached a moment in my life when he finally decided it was time to publish them. Shadows of the Future is the first of the series.

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