Affordable Podcast Production Details

The purpose of the Affordable Podcast Production Program is to offer a low cost way to get your podcasts put together and posted.

There are two options: Basic and Premium


  • Basic editing – putting your intro and outro onto your episode and balancing volume levels
  • Creating an episode cover from a template
  • Uploading to your hosting service
  • Making a social media post or drafting an announcement email for you to send out

includes the above plus

  • Automated transcript creation
  • Social media promo image from template
  • Description of episode created
  • Email sent to guest with instructions and promotion information

Program Details

Basic Editing – This means that we are assembling your podcast. You will provide us with an intro and outro for your show, if you choose to do so. For each episode, you will provide us with the audio files of the content. Ideally, give us separate files for each speaker. Having them all in one track will make it impossible to balance levels.

We will put the tracks together and digitally balance the levels.

This does not include editing the content, removing audio artifacts, removing pauses, or any other correction on the conversation. Your podcast will sound like what you sent us, but volume balanced.

If you would like more advanced audio correction, that is available for an additional fee.

Episode Cover Template – You can create a template for us or we can create the template. Into this template, we will put the guest image, name, and (if applicable) episode or guest title.

Uploading to Your Hosting Service – Whether you are using your own hosting service or ours, we will upload your audio files and cover image to the service. We will also upload the show notes you provide us. If you would like your show to be released on a specific day, you must have a hosting service that allows scheduled episode release (almost all do).

Social Media Post or Drafting Announcement Email – If we are making a social media post, we will post to your social media page or group announcing the episode with the episode art and notes. Our team must be able to access your social media account to do so.

Alternatively, we can draft an email or post for you to send to your audience in whatever way you like.

Automated Transcript Creation – We will run the audio of your episode through an automated AI based transcription technology. The tools we use are fairly good at getting decent accuracy, but there may be some errors in the transcription. If you would like our team to proof the transcript and correct errors, we can do so for an additional fee.

Social Media Promo Image From Template – Episode art is square but for most social media platforms the optimum shape is a rectangle. In the Premium program, we will make a second promotional image in the proper aspect ratio for the platform you’d like to promote on.

Description of Episode Created – In the Basic program, the show notes are the text that you provide us. In the Premium program, we can take the notes you give us and information from the show to compile them into show notes for you. This means you can send us the guest bio and other raw information and we’ll compile it into coherent show notes.

Email Sent to Guest with Announcement and Instructions – Our team will email your guest letting them know that their episode is out. We will then give them instructions on how to promote their episode and the collateral to do so. Work with our team to determine what you would like to ask them to do, for example: subscribe, share to social media, leave a review, send to their email list, etc

Additional Services – Additional services are available for a fee. Our intention is to provide efficient, low cost services, so if you are looking for marketing support, advanced editing, strategy, etc, we have partners that we will refer you to for that level of service.


To become a client, there is a $100 onboarding fee which covers the time to work with the team to set up the process to get your content to them. This is waived for Entrepreneur Mentor Community Members, but should you leave the EMC membership while your production program continues, you will have to pay a $50 service charge. (This is to prevent clever people from signing up for EMC for one month at $47 then quitting to avoid the $100 fee.)

There is a monthly $20 service charge as well.

It is our intention to keep existing client’s per episode rate the same, but it is possible that those rates may need to change. Should that occur, we will give you 1 month’s notice of the pending change.

If you leave the program and return, you will return at whatever the new rates are. You may keep your account active even if you are not doing any production by continuing to pay the service charge.

If you have multiple podcasts, you still only pay one monthly service charge.


You will be invoiced prior to the start of each month. Invoices must be paid prior to work beginning. You may request to pay in advance to avoid accidental interruptions.

Should you pay for episodes that you don’t end up using during the month, those credits will roll over to the next month.

Credits are non-refundable.

When you sign up, you will indicate the frequency you expect to be using the service, and invoicing will be based on that. Should that change, simply email us to make the adjustment.

Podcast Hosting

We can use the hosting provider that you are using, or you have the option to have your podcast hosted on our enterprise account. If you use our account, you will have full administrative access to your podcast and retain full ownership of your content. We are simply administering the hosting for you.


You will upload the audio files, guest photos, show notes, and other materials to a shared Google Drive folder for our team to work with.

When you set up your program, you will establish with our team the date by which you will have the materials into the Drive in order to have your episode released on the desired release date.

We will make all efforts to get your show up on time, but the only way to be sure a show is up on time is to prepare it ahead of time, so the more lead time our team can have, the better we can ensure a consistent release schedule.


For questions about production, contact Kendra Schou

for questions about billing, contact Michael Whitehouse