Could you run a summit in a single hour?

Could you host an entire summit with only a single hour of your time?

That’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked it.

I offer a fully done-for-you summit running program. Unlike many other summit running programs, this one requires an absolute minimum of involvement from you in the planning phase. I set up the pages. I find the speakers. I write the copy. I push the speakers to promote. And, I’m there as an MC to help everything run smoothly. You show up and get the elevation of being the host.

What I assume my clients do while I set up their summit

The exciting thing about having an offer like this is thinking of new applications.

Initially, I was thinking that this was a great program for someone to run their first summit. For someone who can’t spend $3,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 to have a summit run for them it’s great a very affordable alternative.

Then I thought about the other end of the spectrum: the entrepreneur whose business is very successful, but they are time constrained.

What is the absolute minimum amount of time they could invest and still get value from the program.

Turns out the answer is 60 minutes. Yes, 60 minutes to get the benefits of running an Interactive Simple Summit.

Ordinarily, a client would spend about 7-15 hours to fully engage. 1 hour for our initial meetings. 6 hours at the event. 0-8 hours meeting with the speakers to explore collaboration opportunity.

Fully engaged, a client comes away with 10-15 powerful new connections, 100-300 email opt-ins, and 6 hours in a room of highly engaged event attendees who are thinking you are pretty awesome.

But most of that time is not strictly necessary depending on your objectives with the event..

A client could email me all of that information. I could review some of their content, brand, web site, and the rest to set up the event without needing the initial meeting.

The opportunity to network with the speakers is valuable, but more of a bonus value.

That leaves 6 hours at the event.

I MC all the summits I run, allowing my co-host to be as engaged as they would like in whatever way is most comfortable for them. For a client who didn’t have 6 hours, they could come for just 1 hour.

As the MC, I can position them in a strong position of authority, and they would be the keynote at the end of the event after 5 hours of anticipation is built up for their appearance.

Scale is all about leverage, and there is some serious leverage in having an event run for you, and just showing up as the good part.

What kind of summit would you run if I was doing all the work for you?

Let’s get on a call and find out.

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