Allan Fine, The LinkedIn Wizard – Episode 71

Allan Fine is The LinkedIn Wizard.

For over a decade Allan has been studying the platform and learning the best way to generate consistent, reliable leads from LinkedIn.

How should you begin? Look at your profile and make sure it answers these four questions:

Who are you?
What do you do?
What can you do for me?
Why you?

Check out Allan’s amazing article “Stop trying to get me into bed on the first date!!

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Luca Senatore, Secret Agency Mastermind – Podcast Episode 70

Luca Senatore grew up in northern Italy, raised by a single mother with little money and plenty of debt. He started working 13, and moved to England with £65, no knowledge of the language, and no credentials.

A temp agency got him a job at a local university running dishes to diners. He learned some English by watching a movie over and over, and worked his way up to being the marketing manager of a struggling restaurant.

He managed to double the restaurant’s revenues.

Since then, through discipline, smart work, and powerful connections, he has built up a multimillion dollar coaching business teaching simple steps to success.

Most people overcomplicate their process. Luca and his team keep it simple and keep you focused.

In this interview, you will learn a simple structure to guide a business that is so powerful I am building a course around the principles I learned in this interview.

Learn more about Luca at

Check out his powerful Facebook Group The Six Figure Coaching Agency

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Nicole Majik, Empowerment Alchemist – Podcast Episode 69

Combining coaching, transformational tools, and metaphysical tools, Nicole Majik helps clients to achieve powerful transformations in their lives and businesses. You will be inspired by her story of coming back from mercury poisoning to launch her business to make an incredible difference.

Click here to learn more about Nicole and her powerful programs here.

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Why Do We Hate Billionaires?

It is super hip and woke to crap on billionaires these days. The narrative is that people like Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Musk are sitting on hoards of wealth accumulated by seizing the labor of the workers.

A billionaire could literally dedicate their entire fortune to eradicating disease in the world and they’d probably still have people complaining. Not probably. That’s exactly what Bill Gates is doing. And that’s the reaction he’s getting.

Is their wealth really theft?

Continue reading “Why Do We Hate Billionaires?”

Ken Krell, Amazing Digital Events – Podcast Episode 68

Ken Krell is the owner of Amazing Digital Events, the world’s leading trainer on profitable digital events. Before the 2008 crash, Ken was on top of the world. When the market collapsed, it all came crashing down, and Ken was living on his mom’s couch. Learn how he turned it all around, rebuilt his life, and is more successful than ever using strategies and mindsets that you can apply in your own life.

To get access to Ken’s $2000 Produce Ridiculously Irresistible Digital Events program for only $49, all you have to do is be a member of the Success Accelerator Network (by The Guy Who Knows A Guy). Sign up at

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Man Who Writes for Living Calls Others Indolent

We should always be suspicious when someone who writes, thinks, and speaks for a living opines on how lazy people are.

The Day, in their July 3rd edition, published a piece by professional writer and pundit Cal Thomas entitled “Getting Paid Not to Work Is Addictive.

In it, he laments that human nature leads people to be lay about, taking advantage of enhanced unemployment to indolently bum around at home. He paints in your mind a lazy laggard who drinks and plays video games as the rest of us hard working folk put money in their bank account.

Nice story. Too bad it is mostly fictitious, and largely classist. The reality is that working is expensive.

When my daughter was in daycare, it cost $270 per week. That’s for one child.

Minimum wage in Connecticut is $12 per hour, which means that a 40 hour week pays $480. That assumes that you can get 40 hours, which you probably can’t.

Take out $270 for childcare, and now you’ve got $210 left. That’s before taking taxes, the cost of getting to and from work, and all the other costs of working. Can you live on $150/week? Didn’t think so.

In his article, Thomas pontificates, “It makes one wonder what happened to…the ‘work ethic’ when work was seen as a noble.”

Perhaps what happened is that work became less noble when wages remained stagnant for 40 years while the cost of living rose. Maybe it’s that workers are treated like replaceable cogs, liabilities rather than assets, due to misguided “lean business” philophies.

Or it could be that the concept of “work ethic” has always been an idea propagated by those who profit from cheap and abundant labor to convince people to work long hours, exhaust themselves too much to think, then sooth their fatigue with consumerism.

I know quite a few millionaires. None of them work more than 40 hours a week. Most of them less than 20. They deploy their resources efficiently, leverage connections, and find the places where their time most efficiently converts into money.

Anyone can do what they do, but it takes time and energy to learn to do it, to make a plan to do it, and to actually do it. Someone who is struggling to figure out how to pay the rent on $150 per week has neither time nor energy.

However, what happens when that person is given the time and the space to decompress, think, and explore? They start to discover opportunities that they were never aware of before. They find that they can start a business. They find jobs that pay considerably more than what they were settling for. They may even find that, net of childcare and other expenses, it makes more sense to be a single income household.

What would this look like in the macroeconomic numbers? Lower labor force participation, higher wages, more business starts. Just like we are seeing right now.

Covid support didn’t make people lazy. It made them creative. Maybe if Mr. Thomas got away from his computer and did some real work once in a while, he’d see that.

Michael Whitehouse is a motivational speaker, mindset coach, connector, and he helps people make a living by avoiding miserable, soul crushing work. If you’re interested in how you could shift from survival work to thriving work, set up a complimentary coaching session.

Podcast Season 3 Introduction

In the new season of The Guy Who Knows a Guy podcast, we will be speaking to people in business who have made and have stories to share of how they got there.

We’ll be talk to 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners, and we’ll also speak to 4, 5, and 6 figure owners. They say that mistakes are a great teacher, but other people’s mistakes are an even better teacher.

Our guests will share their journey as well as their expertise so that we can learn from them and emulate their success.

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Gratitude and Shiny Object Syndrome

My daughter has enough toys for three kids. Still, every time we go to a store, she wants to get a toy.

Perhaps this sounds familiar from your business?

How many books do you have that you haven’t read? How many courses have you paid for that you haven’t completed? How many networking connections have you yet to follow up on?

If the answer to those three questions is 0, then you have achieved enlightenment and can stop reading. For the rest of us, read on.

Not only do you have that stack of unread books, unfinished courses, and unfollowed up connections, but you’re still buying more books, signing up for more courses, meeting more people.

Why do we do this? We do it because we are unsatisfied with where we are in business or life. Being unsatisfied with our current situation, we assume that we must not have what we need. We look for the new shiny that will change everything.

What if I told you that the opportunity that will lead you to realization of your vision may already be in your hands?

When we think of gratitude, we often think of it as a tool to be happy with what we have. We may think of it as a way to be satisfied with settling, although that’s not quite accurate.

I would like to suggest that gratitude not only brings happiness today, but it can also lead you to success tomorrow.

When we lack gratitude and appreciation for the good things in out lives, we can overlook the opportunities and resources at our disposal. Our opportunities are part of our present life.

When we start to appreciate what we have, we start to appreciate what it can do for us.

Instead of always looking for a new book or idea, we can meditate on the ideas we already know and seek new solutions from them.

Instead of a new course or technique, we can focus on how to execute on the techniques we already have.

Instead of constantly seeking new connections, we can find ways to deepen our existing connections.

When we have gratitude for what we have, we feel less need to chase after the new shiny thing. The things we already have are often pretty shiny themselves.

Do you find yourself wasting time, money, and energy chasing after shiny objects rather than advancing your business, career, or life? Would you like to have more gratitude and appreciation for the shiny things you already possess? Schedule a free coaching session with Michael Whitehouse to build that gratitude and appreciation that will guide you to the right tools to live the life you want. Click here to schedule now.