You know how many people hate networking because it feels stressful and unproductive? Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, teaches people to network profitably with ease. Starting from knowing no one when he moved to Groton, CT in 2014, he was able to become a major local connector within a few months. Putting all he had learned into his book in 2017, he came to be known as The Guy Who Knows a Guy, which is the title of his book. In 2020, the pandemic gave him is greatest test and opportunity, launching him into a much larger global network of online business.

Today he creates spaces to build connections including JV Connect, the dedicated virtual networking event, and a variety of Awesome Virtual Interactive Events throughout the year.

Michael is the author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy and The View From the Deck: Thoughts on Values, Vision, and Gratitude, and has interviewed over 150 experts on the host of The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast. He has been interviewed on over 100 podcasts, summits, and other shows.

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Audience Feedback

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“Educational. Eye opening. Funny. I have several new ideas to network and build better relationships. Practical questions to start a conversation and build relationships. Go if he’d speaking at an event near you!”

— Laurie M

“Great stuff!. Love the simplicity of your messages. Very basic stuff people can implement immediately”

— Carl F

“Great stuff!. Love the simplicity of your messages. Very basic stuff people can implement immediately”

— Carl F

Videos of Speeches

Speakers Showcase in Londonderry, NH

Audio Podcast Appearances

The Boss Uncaged – March, 2023

The Connected Networker – February, 2023

Master of Your Crafts – February, 2023

Ellen Finkelstien’s Un-Podcast – July, 2022

G+R+O=W Equations Podcast – June, 2022

Radical Acceptance Podcast – February, 2022

Past Appearances

Walking with You with Dena Adams

Interview on Oh My Pod with Justin and Celine Moore.

The Lead Machine Growth Show with Paul Guyon – July, 2023

In this episode, we explore the power of virtual events and learn proven strategies to enhance your networking skills. Build genuine connections that propel your success.

Tune in now and get Michael Whitehouse’s thoughts on:

  • The #1 problem with traditional networking that backfires every time.
  • A better way to approach networking.
  • The seven-word introduction formula makes them lean in.
  • The Circus Tent speaking method makes presenting your ideas easy.
  • And much, much more!

Janine Bolon’s 99 Authors Project

Today, I interview Michael Whitehouse who grew up in Massachusetts and found himself in an interesting family dynamic. His parents divorced when he was seven, so he split his time among 4 homes: his mother’s, his father’s, his mother’s parents’, and his father’s parents’. Many people thought it to be an unstable situation for him, but Michael says he always loved it.

He got to have different experiences at different times and places, and always gained something special from each unique home environment. He felt safe and loved. Today, he says he probably developed ADHD from always moving back and forth among all of these different houses. He says there’s a lot that he doesn’t remember from his childhood because of “the way [his] neurology works.”

The Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast with Jennie Bellingner

In this episode, Jennie and Michael discuss:

  • The journey of Michael from not knowing anyone to now being the guy who knows a guy all over the world
  • The biggest no-nos in networking
  • The power of making connections
  • Making introductions

My appearance on Global Wellness HQ interviewed by Jeff Borschowa

Conversational Selling hosted by Nancy Calabrese

In this episode, Nancy and Michael discuss:

  • Networking takes you to a higher level of relationships, engagement, and trust.
  • Your network will allow you to make up for your weaknesses so you can instead focus on your strengths.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Pivot your weakness into a strength. Lean into what you are good at, don’t get lost in planning, and take action.
  • Anyone can be a connector. Make the decision that you are going to connect people and enter every conversation thinking about what connections you can make for that person.

“If you just take action, doesn’t have to be massive, you don’t have to commit the whole barn, but if you just take some action and get out there, you’ll start discovering things, learning things, people discover you.” – Michael Whitehouse

The Little Blue Pill for Business with Michele Nedelec

This interview wandered deep into my backstory, all the way back to first grade. If you’re interested in the story of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, the first 30 years, take a listen.

The Success Factor Podcast with Trent Christensen

Unlocked Show with Tracy Wilson

🗝Key Points and Quotes from this Episode🗝
Someone always has the money to pay you to do what you do
Most opportunities come from people we know
Who Do You Think I Should Meet?
Offer solutions
I don’t pitch, I don’t close ~Michael Whitehouse
Fundamental difference between pitching versus offering solutions
Give without expectation, receive without resistance
Which of these people do I want to meet at a BNI meeting?
Most successful people want to help others
Transference of trust
Can’t outsource Networking (except to me)

The Business Ownership Podcast with Michelle Nedelec

From Zero to Full Calendar on Sheryl Plouffe’s Cash In on Camera.

Holistic Creators with Swanette Kuntze

How to build a robust global network which can change your life and business.

Get Off The Bench

If you want to know more about me, this is a great episode to listen to. Kerry did a great job giving me a stage to tell my story, share knowledge, and provide value.

Stand Up and Stand Out Podcast
Episode #26: Networking Through Life: Speaker, Author, and Networking Expert, Michael Whitehouse

The Coaches Lounge with Barbara Beckley

Welcome to Your Story: 12 Questions | 30 Minutes

Level Up with Sly

The Guy Who Knows A Guy - Networking Basics Unleashed - Michael Whitehouse

Interview on The Tech Pro Unicorn Podcast

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Natural Born Coaches Podcast with Marc Mawhinney.

Biz Gone Social Podcast

Act 2: You’re On

The Network Marketer’s Den with Janet Metzger

The Brilliance + Passion Podcast
October 20th, 2021

Secret of My Success, Episode 7

More Perfect Marketing with David Baer
August 30th, 2021

Jmor Tech Talk with John Morley

Healthy & Wealthy & Wise Podcast with Lois Koffi

Books and Beyond with Jimmy Bennett

Discussing networking, my story of becoming the Guy Who Knows A Guy, and how to build your own network.

Ask the Expert with Lisa Saunders

Talking about how to make a living remotely.

With a dynamic and engaging style of audience interaction, Michael can take topics with are often dry and make them interesting and exciting.

In addition to sharing tips and techniques for building your network, as he discusses in his book The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael can also speak on sales, marketing, social media, crisis communications, and problem solving strategies.

Rates are based on distance from Groton, Connecticut. Discounts are available for non profit and educational organizations.

Michael is also available to speak in virtual settings using Zoom or other platforms. He is also open to speaking on podcasts and others programs.

To arrange details and get pricing information, please fill out the form below. We will try to get back to you within 2 business days.