Robert Butwin: Corporate Chains to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Join Michael Whitehouse on the “Guy Who Knows A Guy” podcast as he delves into an insightful conversation with Robert Butwin, a seasoned entrepreneur and network marketing virtuoso. Discover Robert’s transformative journey from conventional corporate confines to embracing the freedom of becoming ‘psychologically unemployable,’ along with his invaluable insights on networking, personal growth, and nurturing life and business connections. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom on leveraging network marketing as both a career and an educational tool, guided by expert advice from Robert and thoughtful probing by Michael.

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Kris Ward: Maximizing Life and Business

Join Michael Whitehouse on the Guy Who Knows A Guy podcast as he sits down with Kris Ward to explore the Win the Hour, Win the Day philosophy, offering invaluable insights on balancing business growth with personal life, and revolutionizing your approach to productivity and networking.

Win The Hour, Win The Day

Jeff West: Becoming ObjectionProof

Join us on The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast as Michael Whitehouse sits down with Jeff West, a renowned author and sales expert with decades of experience transforming the sales landscape. Dive into Jeff’s journey of authoring award-winning business parables and uncover the insights that have made him a pivotal figure in sales and entrepreneurship.

Amanda Abella: Make Money Your Honey

Join Michael Whitehouse on The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast as he interviews Amanda Abella, an award-winning content creator and business coach. Amanda reveals how she slashed her workload by 84% through sales task automation and offers insights on cutting marketing and labor costs by 50% with improved systems. With networking expertise that led to a network of 130 referral partners, Amanda shares valuable tips on sales, communication, and leveraging technology for business success.

Interview with Justin Moore

Join the Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast for an exciting episode featuring Justin Moore, a singer-songwriter, social media influencer, and founder of Podigy. Discover Justin’s authentic networking journey in the music industry, leading to transformative connections, including a call with the guitarist of Maroon 5. The episode explores the power of authenticity, podcasting as a networking tool, and the nuances of monetization. Justin shares insights into Podigy’s role in empowering coaches through podcasting and the importance of combining AI tools with human expertise. Whether you’re a podcaster or entrepreneur, this episode offers valuable tips for successful networking and a sneak peek into the upcoming JV Connect event!

Bernie Franzgrote: Networking with an Open Mind

Dive into the intricate world of networking with Michael Whitehouse and guest Bernie Franzgrote in this engaging episode of The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast. The duo explores the art of making introductions, delving into scenarios where compensation may not align with traditional expectations. Bernie shares captivating anecdotes, including a unique connection involving clinical trials through a charity introduction. The conversation unfolds, emphasizing the unanticipated rewards of altruism and the value of keeping an open mind during networking endeavors. Don’t miss the insightful tips and stories that unfold in this dynamic episode.

7 – Why Not to Come to JV Connect

Welcome back to the Guy Who Knows A Guy podcast! In this episode, host Michael Whitehouse tackles common concerns about the upcoming JV Connect event, drawing from insights gathered in a recent survey. He dispels myths surrounding networking events, underscores the value of connections, and elucidates why JV Connect serves as a growth opportunity for businesses at any stage. If listeners are curious about networking or hesitant to attend, Michael offers valuable insights. Prospective attendees can register at for a distinctive networking experience!

Beejel Parmar: Skyrocket Productivity With AI

In this episode of the “Guy Who Knows a Guy” podcast, host Michael Whitehouse welcomes Beejel Parmar, founder of a pioneering VA business. Beejel discusses the transformative impact of AI on the virtual assistant industry. He shares his innovative approach to collaboration between human VAs and AI, coining the term “virtual advisors” and he emphasizes the strategic investment of saved resources, shifting focus from cost reduction to substantial returns for business growth. Exploring the importance of networking, he highlights the role of VAs in seamless pre, during, and post-networking support.

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6 – Networking is a Sales Opportunity

Years ago I heard advice from Success Champions Network founder Donnie Boivin. He taught that every networking event is a sales opportunity. For some time, I did not like this because I did not understand it. I heard it to encourage pitching at networking events, but that’s not what it means at all. One absolutely should not pitch, but one should always remember that the goal of all this meeting and greeting and relationship building is to ultimately find a sale, whether today, tomorrow, or next year.

In this episode, I discuss more how to thread the needle between being too salesy while networking and being too social.

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Sean Malone: Co-Founder of FlowChat

Dive into the transformative world of networking with the ‘Guy Who Knows a Guy’ podcast! Join host Michael Whitehouse and industry expert Sean Malone as they explore the art of authentic connections, sharing insights on effective networking strategies and the innovative role of technology in platforms like Flow Chat. Elevate your networking game and get ready for the groundbreaking JV Connect event on December 12th to 14th, 2023 – an unmissable experience for business growth and success!