Ms Hitch – Author of Why Men Cheat: Real Men in Real Relationships Telling Their Real Stories

Ms.Hitch is the hidden gem of the world that everyone has been waiting for. Specializing in mental toughness coaching, she transforms people’s minds into being world-renowned thinkers, newly able to navigate life with higher thinking. She doesn’t take the traditional therapist route with mother-like advice , the unconventional mental toughness coaching she practices includes laughter, excitement, and mental relaxation that turns you into the best version of yourself. Singles, couples, and families love her because of her charisma, tenacity, and her ability to facilitate healing amongst themselves in an intense but nonjudgmental atmosphere. She has a knack for building relationships with people instantly, and not only is her information penetrating, but her energy is impactful and sustaining. With a personality larger than life, her aura is nothing short of infectious.

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Sherene Strausberg: Filmmaker and Animator

Award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated animator Sherene Strausberg combines her experience in film, music and sound engineering with graphic design and illustration to create animated videos for her clients at the company she founded, 87th Street Creative. Having won a national composition competition in high school, she was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Indiana University School of Music, where she completed two bachelor’s degrees in four years. Film scores she wrote in her first career, as a film composer, have been heard on AMC, Spike TV and Netflix. As a graphic designer for Jewish National Fund, she won two awards from Graphic Design USA. Her latest passion project, the short, animated film “Cool For You”, which she animated and scored, has been accepted to over 20 film festivals around the world and recently won the Jury Award for Youth Films at the Cineglobe Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Recent clients of 87th Street Creative have included Walmart, American Express and Healthline.

Athin Cassiotis: Business Growth Strategist, International Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Investor and Podcast Host

Athin Cassiotis is a Business Growth Strategist, International Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Investor and Podcast Host. He helps service based business owners grow and scale to create freedom and choice in their life. Athin Cassiotis hosts The Business Growth Show, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, including Jay Abraham, Bruce Buffer, Jillian Michaels, JT Foxx, Kerwin Rae, and George Koukis. He has spoken on stage in front of 2,500 people alongside gold medallists Steven Bradbury & Bruny Surin, and Stedman Graham (Oprah’s partner) and JT Foxx. He has personally worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands including Target, Kmart, Westfield, Coles, and Department of Defence.


Janine Bolon: Podcast Producer, Author, Speaker

When Janine Bolon was young she was struck by lightning. This was an experience that  (obviously) she lived through, but is the driving factor that inspired her not to waste time by living an unfulfilled life.Janine’s original life goal was to be a scientist and have as many different types of experiences as she could. Janine enjoys helping people achieve their dreams by showing them the path to debt-free living while creating a business or writing books. It is great fun to assist them as they move from living paycheck-to-paycheck into an abundant life! Janine has worked as an analytical biochemist, homeschooled four children, published 12 books and runs an online University. In 2010 she was called into active service by the Thunder Clan. What does this mean? She was pulled into her life’s purpose.That purpose is to teach, write and guide spiritual seekers of all paradigms into a deeper relationship with their Source AND share the spiritual, emotional and physical laws that work within financial abundance.Through her books and courses, Janine  shares how-to expand your intuitive gifts as well as help you uncover the blocks you have to improving your financial situation.For the more analytical seeker, she’s  been labeled as a Financial First-Responder. For the spiritually minded she’s  been labeled as a first chakra healer.No matter what label you prefer to use (just don’t call her “late” for dinner!). Janine is  here to share with you how to gather Money, live debt-free and leave the living paycheck-to-paycheck life behind.

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Shemar Shirley, author of The Girl with the Broken Face

Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, interviews Shemar Shirley, author of The Girl with the Broken Face.

Shemar Shirley was born and raised on the East side of Toronto, and enjoys watching anime and movies. These two are his greatest inspiration for writing. He says about art that even if no one likes it today, or in a year, or in his life time; art will rage on into time. He likes the futility of it, because if you do it knowing such that means you really love it.

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Justin Breen: Founder of PR firm BrEpic

Justin Breen is the Founder/CEO of the global PR firm BrEpic and exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. His newest book, Epic Life, features a foreword from Dr. Peter Diamandis and has been the No. 1 overall book for sales on Amazon Kindle. It also recently made the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller lists.


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Rob Rubinetti, Author of Shadows Of The Future

Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, interviews Robert Rubinetti, author of the Shadows of the Future series: a novel spanning from the near future to a time when mankind spreads across the stars finding mysteries they never expected.

Robert Rubinetti grew up in West Orange NJ. He was very artistic doing theater, miniature theater, playing music, but he had a great love of science and science fiction. Likely why he later went on to obtain degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering. Growing up in an unparalleled time of space exploration since he was a child only fueled my sense of wonder. Seeing the universe through the eyes of great people of the time like Carl Sagan and through platforms such as Voyager, Hubble, and now the James Webb Space Telescope, he could not help but be completely taken with the mysteries and awe of universe. Throughout his life he wrote stories which he kept until he reached a moment in my life when he finally decided it was time to publish them. Shadows of the Future is the first of the series.

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Tom Ruwitch: Story Power Marketing

Tom Ruwitch is a consultant, content-marketing expert, and founder of Story Power Marketing. Tom is a digital marketing pioneer who founded the email marketing software and services company MarketVolt in 2001 — before most business people had even heard of email marketing. Today, coaches, consultants, and other experts hire Tom to power up their stories because most dish out the same old boring content that turns off prospects, and then they feel frustrated and stuck. So Tom helps them transform content from boring to brilliant, turn marketing from frustrating to fun, and convert results from pitiful to profitable.

Weekly Update: Focus, Waiting for Your Calling, Vendors vs. Partners

Today, Michael Whitehouse, the Guy Who Knows a Guy, will talk vendors versus partners, focus, and waiting to be called

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Divian Mistry: Websites and Marketing for Coaches

Divian Mistry is a serial entrepreneur and marketing for personal brands who want to grow their business using proven, time-tested strategies that work for personal brands.

After starting his first business at age 14, he became known as “The Ticket Master” at University, going on to help clients achieve goals like creating 6 months of income within just 3 weeks, tripling event ticket sales within the first 24 hours, and quadrupling event registration within 1 month.

He was featured in the Leicester Mercury Newspaper after raising £5,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation at a charity event he hosted with keynote speaker Kevin Green from the TV show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. He’s been featured in 2 business books The Naked Warrior: Release The Inner Warrior And Transform Your Life as well as Escape The Rat Race and currently hosts a weekly marketing show where he throws out the BRO marketing and welcomes in the FLOW marketing.

How has networking benefited your business and life?: All my leads, speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, referral partners, referrals and deals (past business) have come from networking so needless to say its my favourite way of building a business

What is your best networking tip?: Always add wayyyy more value then you ever get I return with zero expectations of anything in return, this way you truly give, the receiver truly receives and the law of reciprocity comes into play. This strategy always leads to growing your business at some point that you may not be aware of in the future