Bernie Franzgrote: Networking with an Open Mind

Dive into the intricate world of networking with Michael Whitehouse and guest Bernie Franzgrote in this engaging episode of The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast. The duo explores the art of making introductions, delving into scenarios where compensation may not align with traditional expectations. Bernie shares captivating anecdotes, including a unique connection involving clinical trials through a charity introduction. The conversation unfolds, emphasizing the unanticipated rewards of altruism and the value of keeping an open mind during networking endeavors. Don’t miss the insightful tips and stories that unfold in this dynamic episode.

7 – Why Not to Come to JV Connect

Welcome back to the Guy Who Knows A Guy podcast! In this episode, host Michael Whitehouse tackles common concerns about the upcoming JV Connect event, drawing from insights gathered in a recent survey. He dispels myths surrounding networking events, underscores the value of connections, and elucidates why JV Connect serves as a growth opportunity for businesses at any stage. If listeners are curious about networking or hesitant to attend, Michael offers valuable insights. Prospective attendees can register at for a distinctive networking experience!

Beejel Parmar: Skyrocket Productivity With AI

In this episode of the “Guy Who Knows a Guy” podcast, host Michael Whitehouse welcomes Beejel Parmar, founder of a pioneering VA business. Beejel discusses the transformative impact of AI on the virtual assistant industry. He shares his innovative approach to collaboration between human VAs and AI, coining the term “virtual advisors” and he emphasizes the strategic investment of saved resources, shifting focus from cost reduction to substantial returns for business growth. Exploring the importance of networking, he highlights the role of VAs in seamless pre, during, and post-networking support.

Beejel provides insights into entry points and invites listeners to explore more at

6 – Networking is a Sales Opportunity

Years ago I heard advice from Success Champions Network founder Donnie Boivin. He taught that every networking event is a sales opportunity. For some time, I did not like this because I did not understand it. I heard it to encourage pitching at networking events, but that’s not what it means at all. One absolutely should not pitch, but one should always remember that the goal of all this meeting and greeting and relationship building is to ultimately find a sale, whether today, tomorrow, or next year.

In this episode, I discuss more how to thread the needle between being too salesy while networking and being too social.

Success Champions Network –

Sean Malone: Co-Founder of FlowChat

Dive into the transformative world of networking with the ‘Guy Who Knows a Guy’ podcast! Join host Michael Whitehouse and industry expert Sean Malone as they explore the art of authentic connections, sharing insights on effective networking strategies and the innovative role of technology in platforms like Flow Chat. Elevate your networking game and get ready for the groundbreaking JV Connect event on December 12th to 14th, 2023 – an unmissable experience for business growth and success!

Keeping Track of All the Things at a Virtual Networking Event

“Join us on the Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast as we prepare for the upcoming JV Connect in December 2023. Discover how to navigate virtual events, make meaningful connections, and ensure you leave with booked appointments. Learn the art of keeping track of everything in a busy virtual event, and don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Whether you’re looking for joint venture partners, prospects, mentors, or accountability partners, this episode will equip you with the essential tips for success. Tune in and get ready to maximize your networking experience at JV Connect. Visit and register to put these strategies into action. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode by your host, Michael Whitehouse, and stay tuned for more valuable content on the Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast.”

Steve Sims: Go For Stupid

In this episode of The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast, the host, Michael Whitehouse, introduces the upcoming JV Connect networking event and interviews networking expert Steve Sims. Steve shares his inspiring journey, emphasizing the role of curiosity and determination in his success, and dispels the myth that networking is reserved for certain backgrounds or personalities. He highlights the significance of having a clear purpose and intention in networking and the importance of follow-up to maintain and deepen relationships. Steve provides insights into the strategy of categorizing connections based on their potential and offers practical advice on efficient networking for both introverts and extroverts. The episode concludes with a focus on the power of organization, delegation, and prioritization in networking. Steve’s valuable insights shed light on the art of building meaningful and impactful connections in the world of networking.

Steve can be found at :

And his new book is here:

Jeff Borschowa: The Curator of Connections

**Episode Summary: “Unleash the Power of Networking with Jeff Borschowa”**

In this episode of the “Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast,” host Michael Whitehouse welcomes Jeff Borschowa, the Curator of Connections, to explore the world of networking. Jeff’s personal journey illustrates the transformative power of networking, from meeting his wife to solving business challenges. He shares an invaluable networking tip: opt for group meetings of four, rather than one-on-one, as a way to expand and deepen connections.

Jeff’s philosophy, “a problem well-defined is a problem half solved,” underscores how networking can be the key to overcoming challenges. Listeners seeking to enhance their networking skills and cultivate authentic relationships will find Jeff’s insights and experiences truly enlightening. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their networking game to the next level.

Jeff can be found on LinkedIn and at

Technology that Will Get You Banned from Networking Events

In this episode of the “Guy Who Knows A Guy” podcast, the host, Michael Whitehouse, shares updates about the upcoming JV Connect event. He discusses the increasing number of guides and participants and emphasizes the importance of having experienced and ethical entrepreneurs as guides at the event. Michael talks about how to register for JV Connect and the benefits of getting an early membership to avoid higher costs later on.

The episode also delves into a crucial topic: how not to get banned from networking events. Michael highlights the importance of proper follow-up and warns against using automation tools to scrape contact information from the chat and mass email participants, as this is considered spamming and goes against the integrity of the event. He encourages respectful and personalized follow-up, ensuring that the environment of the event remains pleasant and respectful. The host also mentions an education series that will provide more insights and tips leading up to the event.

How To Use Calendly (or any other scheduling software)

In this episode of the “Guy who knows The Guy Podcast,” host Michael Whitehouse discusses his preparations for the upcoming JV Connect event, scheduled for December 12th-14th, 2023. He emphasizes the importance of using a booking link like Calendly to streamline the scheduling process and increase the likelihood of attendees showing up. Michael shares insights into how to use Calendly effectively, including setting up reminders to ensure a high show-up rate and the benefits of having attendees answer a series of questions to provide clarity and structure for the upcoming meeting. He also highlights the importance of growing your email list by asking permission to add attendees to it, as it’s an excellent way to maintain valuable connections.

Furthermore, Michael stresses the importance of being well-prepared for networking events and explains how utilizing a booking link and effective communication can help you make the most out of these opportunities. He invites listeners to grab their tickets for JV Connect early to secure the best pricing and promises a valuable experience for all attendees. In summary, the episode provides practical tips for effective networking and event preparation, making it a must-listen for those looking to maximize the benefits of such gatherings.