Sylvain Hache, Next Level Public Speaking

Our next guest is an ex-chronic stutterer that morphed into an award-winning, international-touring musician who has been interviewed on live TV & Radio in multiple countries, in 2 languages.

He has been coaching and training people since the age of 16 and now helps you ‘’End Stage Fright & Master Public Speaking, Anywhere From a Zoom Call to Carnegie Hall’’ using Rockstar Presence Principles he distilled from over 500 shows in 35 cities and 5 countries on 2 continents.

Ladies and gentlemen make some noise for Sylvain Haché a.k.a Sly!

Nicole Jansen, Leaders Of Transformation

As a strategic advisor and leadership coach, Nicole Jansen has been empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Her vast experience in business, leadership and human behavior has uniquely equipped her to bring out the best in others.

Her clients span 5 continents and range from start-up entrepreneurs focused on growing their business to industry leaders looking to use their influence to make a greater impact in the world.

She is the founder of Discover The Edge and host of the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast, reaching listeners in over 140 countries.

Rhonda Sher, The Sher Method for LinkedIn

Rhonda Sher is a nationally recognized expert in business networking and LinkedIn. She is the author of Convert Your Connections to Cash and Relationships to Revenue, The Two Minute Networker, The ABCs of LinkedIn, Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out and How to Avoid the Business Card Pile-Up – 52 Ways to Boost Your Business with Business Cards.

Rhonda is the expert at teaching CEO’s, speakers, authors, small business owners and entrepreneurs how to leverage LinkedIn and convert relationships to revenue. In addition to be an expert on the topic of LinkedIn, Rhonda is also a certified face reader and trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Rhonda’s natural humor, interactive approach and 20 years of business experience has brought her into the forefront as a sought-after national keynote speaker and trainer. She teaches powerful, practical techniques and insider secrets to take your Profile to Profit using LinkedIn.

Rhonda has given thousands of talks including clients such as Blue Shield, NAWBO, NAIFA, Vistage to name a few.

She has appeared on multiple television and radio shows and is a sought-after guest on podcasts and radio shows.

Rhonda is married and has two amazing adult daughters and lives in Carlsbad, CA.

Mostafa Hosseini, Persyo

Mostafa Hosseini is the founder of Persyo Inc and creator of:

• Simple Marketing Formula

• Simple Retention Formula

• Simple Offer Formula

• Simple Time Management Formula

• And more

For the past 12 years, he has helped business owners and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses in various niche markets and industries.

Currently, his Call Center Helps established businesses fix their Follow-up problem and Scale through Referrals and Retention (without Spending a Dime on Ads)

He is an avid skier & hiker, and he loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Mitch Russo,

Mitch Russo started a software company in his garage, sold it for 8 figures and then went on to build a company to over $25M with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. Nominated twice for Inc Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year. Mitch’s book: Power Tribes – How Certification Can Explode Your Business has helped thousands create huge new business divisions using high-performance certification programs. And his new software for coaches fills a void no other system fills. Welcome, Mitch to the show!

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Josh Elledge, UpMyInfluence

Josh Elledge is a nice Midwestern boy from Michigan who relocated to Orlando so he could take his kiddos to Disney more often. Fun fact. Josh also used to be fat. Not just chubby, or the owner of a now-trendy “dad bod,” but seriously overweight (ask to see his old drivers’ license photo). Ever the problem solver, he lost 55 lbs through ‘the couponing diet.’ His other company, SavingsAngel helped make that happen. More on that later. He now enjoys going to restaurants that serve chicken waffles and biscuits, and ordering the salad… just to test his mental toughness.

Josh is a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies he needs most in the world. In 2014, He launched UpMyInfluence to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs and contracts associated with traditional marketing methods. UpMyInfluence (UMI) is a purpose-driven company focused on helping high-ticket agencies, coaches, consultants, and other B2B service providers skyrocket their sales through: authority, platform, and leading with generosity. Josh wholeheartedly believes UMI has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs own their expertise, share their wisdom, and serve the world with their collective messages.

In 2019, Josh and the team discovered something big… REALLY big. They created a B2B Sales System for themselves that worked so well… clients started asking for sales help in addition to all the PR help. Their first B2B sales client scored six figures in sales… in 90 days (with no paid ads)! Thinking it may have been dumb luck… they tried it again. BAM! Another six figures in sales in about 90 days (with no paid ads).

UMI was the natural outgrowth of his first startup, Josh founded the consumer savings platform in 2007 to bring in what he most needed at the time (namely, more money). Armed with a background in information technology and Internet development, Josh’s technologic tinkering cut his family-of-five’s monthly grocery bill by half and created the most comprehensive coupon and sale-matching service available. soon become a major operation employing up to 50 employees and grossing more than $6 million in sales with (I lied – THIS is the last time I say this) NO paid ads.

When other entrepreneurs began knocking on his door desperate for the magic formula that would bring similar success, his new mission in life was born! Today, Josh is known as one of the foremost experts in online influence and authority. He’s personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs – working to turn them into media celebrities and successfully growing their B2B sales systems.

Never shy in front of an audience, Josh is a frequent speaker at business and startup conferences including Social Media Marketing World and a Tony Robbins special invite event for his Business Mastery grads. He’s appeared as an electrifying podcast guest more than 200 times. He’s a regular consumer expert on Fox 35 Orlando< WKMG, and News 13, writes a syndicated column for nine newspapers (with total readership above 1.1 million readers), and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media (way) more than 2000 times.

Passionate about his family, physical fitness (an avid fitness geek and 5K to marathon runner), and breaking out of Escape Rooms, Josh lives in Orlando with his wife and three children. Ask how many escape rooms he’s gotten out of. Seriously… #ESCAPEROOMNERD

The Michigan native’s exuberance and natural curiosity have fueled his life’s work as a journalist, technology specialist, entrepreneur and service-oriented family man. Josh served in the US Navy and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Family Sciences.

Josh also wants the public to know he thinks Daylight Savings Time (and time zones, for that matter) are a relic.

Heather Abbott, Prosperity & Possibilities

Heather’s mission is to assist heart centered entrepreneurs to take their place amongst the wealthy so we can “up-level” the world.

She has spent decades as a CPA, financial advisor, mindset worker and entrepreneur.

She shares this expertise and her innate magic to help you make friends with your finances and guide you to true prosperity.

Hannah Chapman, X² Wealth Planning

Hannah Chapman is a Certified Financial Planner and wealth advisor empowering visionary entrepreneurs to stop worrying about money and take charge of their income so they can build their legacy with joy and ease. She’s lived through the entrepreneurial rollercoaster as a child of self-employed parents, and as an adult building businesses of her own, and she knows exactly how to help entrepreneurs build financial safety where they need it so they can continue to take bold action to build their business and personal wealth. Hannah is also mom of three humans, one Labrador retriever, and lots of plants, a wife, an avid hiker, and a classically trained musician.

Dea Irby, CLAIM Your People

“In a sea of humanity, belonging is a shore of security, love and identity,” That’s what Dea Irby believes and has realized wherever she has lived through out the southern states of America. Building a community of belonging is a mainstay of her endeavors whether in her home raising 8 children with her husband, in her tearoom in North Georgia, or in her present real estate business. Dea knows people desire to be more than connected, they desire to be claimed and belong.