Affordable Podcast Production Service

There are a lot of great companies out there who do high end podcast production. Editing! Marketing! All the bells and whistles. They do great work and they charge accordingly.

But what if you don’t need all that. What if you just need someone to put your podcast together, add the intro and outro, balance levels, make a nice cover art, upload it and announce it?

That’s what we do. Affordable, basic podcast posting.

We offer two options. Basic and Premium.

Basic – $70 per episode

  • Basic editing – putting your intro and outro onto your episode and balancing volume levels
  • Creating an episode cover from a template
  • Uploading to your hosting service
  • Making a social media post or drafting an announcement email for you to send out

Premium – $100 per episode
includes the above plus

  • Automated transcript creation
  • Social media promo image from template
  • Description of episode created
  • Email sent to guest with instructions and promotion information

There is a $100 set up fee, and $20 per month service charge, and that’s it.

See all the details and particulars here

If your podcast is irregular in the release schedule, no problem. You’ll pay for what you use.

Questions? Want to sign up? Just want to say hi? Contact us by email.

Need podcast hosting? We can do that for you for $40 per month.