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Superpowers Mastermind

Everyone is uniquely gifted with something that, if leveraged, could bring them great success. The key is to turn that gift into a superpower. In this mastermind, you will join with other inspired entrepreneurs to discover, leverage, and maximize your gifts into superpowers to live the life you may never have thought possible.

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The Guy Who Knows a Guy Helps Experienced and New Entrepreneurs

Over the past two years, Michael Whitehouse has met with over 1,500 entrepreneurs, experts, and authorities across the world of business. He has consumed hundreds of hours of content. He has learned a little bit about a lot, and made connections around the globe.

He uses what he has learned to bring together successful entrepreneurs for powerful collaboration and to help up and coming entrepreneurs overcoming the challenges and obstacles in their way.

Through his Networking Concierge program, he helps his clients create joint ventures and collaborations which can create millions of dollars in new business.

His Inner Circle program gives people who are newer to business access to experience, knowledge, and connections that they need to avoid losing time and wasting money going down the wrong paths. While the program is very affordable, he offers a scholarship program to students who do not yet have the cash flow to afford it. He believes that everyone deserves a chance at the amazing opportunity that entrepreneurship presents in the 21st century.

Michael also shares free content in his podcasts:
Neurodiversity Superpowers – meet neurodiverse people who are successful because of, not in spite of, their neurodiversity. You will be inspired, educated, and informed.

The Guy Who Knows a Guy – an interview program featuring some of the best and brightest in the worlds of networking and joint ventures.

Morning Motivation – a powerful hit of motivation and inspiring ideas every morning in 5 minutes or less.

Power5 Podcast – I answer your questions about business, networking, sales, marketing, and life in 5 minutes or less.

The Power Lunch Live Podcast – four great guests come together for a spirited and unpredictable conversation.

My Latest Programs

Networking Concierge

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We all know that. Developing that network takes time, energy, time, knowledge, time, technique, and a lot of time.

It also takes time.

What if you could have the benefits of a powerful, robust, globe spanning network without having to spend thousands of hours to build it?

That is what my Networking Concierge program does for you. I meet with dozens of people every week, and introduce you the ones who are fit for you to connect with to grow your business and improve your life.

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Morning Motivation Podcast

Morning Motivation

Daily motivation, every day in your email

Would you like a quick hit of motivation every day to get yourself fired up?

I’m here to help.

I will send you a daily motivational message every day to get your mind right, your spirit focused, and you ready to dominate the day.

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The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast

At the mic on the Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast
In the Four Unicorns Design recording studio with Patrick Howard.

Season 4 of The Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast is focused on networking and joint ventures. We have featured amazing guests like James Malinchak, Frank Agin, Laura DiBenedetto, and Mark Mawhinney.

You also may enjoy the 150 episodes that came out before Season 4 as well.

The guy

Michael Whitehouse

Known by many as The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael Whitehouse is a connector in Southeastern Connecticut and beyond. Since arriving in Groton, Connecticut in 2014 knowing no one but his wife and a handful of people, Michael has created a network of people around the area, across all industries and occupations.

With the help of his connections, Michael has launched local publications in Mystic and Niantic, with one more in development. He has assisted in raising thousands of dollars for local charitable organizations. He has helped business people make connections, helped people find jobs, and helped people connect with skills and resources that they needed. One estimate places to total value he has shared with his network over the past year in excess of $100,000.

Michael Whitehouse is not a networking wizard. He has simply employed certain techniques to connect with people and build win-win relationships, and he is working hard to share what he has learned with as many people as he can.

With the pandemic moving everything online, he took his networking to a new level, connecting with people from fields of entrepreneurship, coaching, course creation, real estate, and more.

Today, he is a networking concierge, JV manager, and coach.

The Book

The Guy Who Knows a Guy is a quick and easy read. Full of fun stories and tips that you can put to work right away, this book will give you an easy way to develop the networking skills you’ve always wished that you had.

They say that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And it’s true. It’s good to be the guy who knows a guy. So isn’t it about a time to get to know more people?

Whether you are a salesman, an engineer, or a basket weaver, your career is built on the connections in your network. Your network can be a powerful resource for you or an anchor holding you back. The Guy Who Knows A Guy is your handbook to building the network that you need to make the impact you want to make in the world.

The Coach

Networking, Marketing, Communications, and Sales are all about getting your message out and making connections, but with different approaches and solutions.

Michael Whitehouse is available to be hired for one-to-one coaching. He will holistically look at your business or project and help you to develop a plan. By using the disciplines of networking, marketing, communications, and sales, he is able to create unique and creative solutions to challenges that you are facing.

The Inner Circle Accessible Coaching Program

Michael has learned from thousands of entrepreneurs, experts, and authorities over the past few years. He knows a little about everything. This can be very powerful when people have that “who do I ask?” question.

To make his knowledge accessible, he has created his Inner Circle Program.

The Speaker

Michael Whitehouse speaking
Michael speaking to an audience on topics of networking and marketing.

Michael Whitehouse is available to come and speak at your organization or event. His easy interactive style holds the audience’s attention while providing valuable information.

His talks are generally built around a couple of core concepts before going to an interactive format. Addressing questions from the audience to keep answers relevant and interesting.

Since most people in business seeking networking advice are really looking for ways to get their name into the market and build more customers, Michael is also able to draw on his extensive knowledge of sales and marketing. Whether it’s one to one or reaching a whole community, Michael can help your audience achieve their goals.

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