Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows a Guy. In 2014, he came to Groton, Connecticut knowing no one at all. A year later, after diving into networking with both feet, he was a major connector in the local community. In 2020, he went global and began connecting entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and others around the world to people they need to know. He offers his services as a networking concierge, making connections and building strategic alliances around the world. He is the host of the daily Morning Motivation Podcast, the Guy Who Knows a Guy interview podcast, and the Neurodiversity Superpowers Podcast.

Michael Whitehouse is the author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy a book that shares his story of going from stranger to connector in less than two years. He discovered simple techniques to build a network in a new community that anyone can learn, and shares them in the book.

Today, Michael is a Networking Concierge. His clients hire him to make connections for them which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Michael is available for talks and workshops on networking for beginners and advanced alike.

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Michael and Amy Whitehouse
Michael and his wife Amy just after getting engaged, shortly before moving to Groton in 2014.

In 2014, Michael Whitehouse came to Groton, Connecticut knowing no one but his pregnant soon-to-be-wife. Through active engagement with business organizations, volunteering, and working with the community, he was able to find a place for himself and make a name for himself.

Michael is not some kind of super networker. Rather, he simply developed some simple networking ideas that allowed him to engage with the community. It’s all about connecting with people and finding a way to be of benefit to them. By focusing on what he could give, rather than what he could get he was able to make fast friends. With the ideas and tips in The Guy Who Knows a Guy, you can too.