7 – Why Not to Come to JV Connect

Welcome back to the Guy Who Knows A Guy podcast! In this episode, host Michael Whitehouse tackles common concerns about the upcoming JV Connect event, drawing from insights gathered in a recent survey. He dispels myths surrounding networking events, underscores the value of connections, and elucidates why JV Connect serves as a growth opportunity for businesses at any stage. If listeners are curious about networking or hesitant to attend, Michael offers valuable insights. Prospective attendees can register at JV-connect.com for a distinctive networking experience!

Michael Whitehouse:

Hello! Welcome once again to the Guy Who Knows A Guy podcast. I am Michael Whitehouse, the guy who knows a guy himself. And the other day, I sent out a survey to my email community, asking them many things, but one of the things was, Have you registered for JV Connect? And if you have, why? You know, thank you. And if you have not, why not? What's holding you back? And I wanted to address some of the concerns people brought up, because this was a very valuable access for me. By the way, if you're ever wondering, Why is your audience not buying something? Ask them, they'll tell you. In fact, you can do this on a sales call face to face. You can actually say when you're done, you know, the game's over, you're pitching your tent, you're putting your stuff away, it's okay to say. So I'm not trying to sell you up. I, I get, you said no. And I completely respect that for my education. So I can do better at educating people going forward. Could you share with me what it was that made you decide to say no. instead of yes. You can also do it the other way. What was it that made you decide to say yes instead of no? And they'll generally tell you, right, they want you to know this, and often, it will give you, almost all the time, it will give you education, like, oh, I didn't realize, oh, that's an interesting point. And sometimes, it will make you realize, Wait, you thought that oh, oh, would you mind if I explain that? Cause I, I completely whiffed that one, cause that's actually not how it works. Do you mind if I, if we dive back into that? Cause they, if they're taking the time to meet with you, they want the solution you have to offer. So if there is a misunderstanding, they don't want to miss out on it. It's worth asking. So anyway, I asked, I got some answers. I'm going to address some of those concerns for anyone who has similar concerns. So the first one that I want to talk about is very simple. Not sure it would be a value add. Why should I go? What's the benefit? Why would I spend my money and my time going to this event? Now, this is probably very common because there's a lot of networking events out there and most of them suck, right? Let's be honest. Most of them just aren't very good for various reasons. And I'm not going to go into the issues of all of them. If you go to jv connect. com, look at the blog. I'm addressing a number of the things I've seen in networking events that I don't like and how I'm not going to do those things. So that thing, I can sit here and tell you about the value runoff. Oh, you're going to meet a hundred people and that's going to create this much value and blah, blah, blah. Everybody promises that stuff. So if I tell you the deliverables I think you're going to get, you don't necessarily believe them. Even if you trust me, you don't necessarily believe that you're going to get that value because you're so used to hearing these made up, fanciful, fanciful, fantastic things. You're going, Oh, you got a hundred thousand dollars in value. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, but let me try to share how it would be a value add. So one of the things about networking is that connections can solve. Any problem you might have, whatever the problem is, connections can solve it, right? If you're trying to figure out if you're, if you're stuck and you're just like not getting anything done, you could meet someone who could teach you some organizational tips. If you need more leads, you could meet someone who give you referrals. You can meet someone who could teach you about social media. Meet someone who could get you on their podcast, whatever it is you need. There's someone out there who can solve it for you and not necessarily for money. They might just share advice. They might refer you to a podcast. They might, who knows, there's all kinds of ways they can help you. So what, I want you to think about what is the challenge you're facing, and then I want you to think about who could help you solve that challenge. Now there's a guarantee on JVConnect that you may or may not be aware of, and the guarantee is that you will get valuable connections At least, I it's five, that's what I put on the website. But you will get valuable connections. And if you don't, I, the guy who knows a guy, will personally introduce you to three people that you need to know who can help you move forward towards your goals. So here's the question. Is it worth fifty bucks to get three introductions from me? I would think so, since my regular networking concierge program is 1, 000 a month plus commission. 50 bucks. Even if you think this event is worthless, you spend 50 bucks. It's gonna be more when the price goes up after Thanksgiving. But you spend 50 bucks on your ticket, you show up for at least half the event. You have to attend for, I think at least half, might be more. But you, you know, you play, you play full out the event, you participate. And if you don't get those connections, I'll make them for you. Because I am absolutely confident, I don't expect to make a single connection on this guarantee. Because if you attend and participate... Then you'll be, you'll, you'll get those connections. It's just no question. There's going to be hundreds of people there. Over a hundred of them are handpicked people. I personally invited because of the quality they bring to the room, right? This isn't some event where it's like I'm selling Facebook ads to bring people in. I have no Facebook ads, no paid advertising. It is entirely me inviting people. My own community, and people who are coming, inviting their communities. That's, that's who we're getting here. So, if you have a challenge that can be solved by another human, which is almost every challenge you might have, then, you're going to find find those people. So let's bring up the next, the next concern. Is not sure if it's a place for me, as I focus on in person events. This is a person who plans live events, plans in person events. But, this applies to anyone who, Who's thinking, I'm not sure if it's me because I focus on blank, right? Now you hear the JV and JV connect. You think, well, it's just coaches, promoting coaches, just other people's networks. There is that, but there's also other things. So according to my surveys, at least 97 percent of the people attending JV connect are humans who live in the real world. It is possible as many as 3 percent of them are just really well presented AIs who don't have human bodies. But at least 97 percent are humans with physical bodies who live in physical space and attend physical events. So just because they're connecting online doesn't mean they're not. Live humans who do live things. There's also a lot of people now who are doing virtual events who want to do more in person events but it's a bit of a leap to do so. If you're used to bringing people together on Zoom or some virtual platform and you don't know how to you know, you don't know How to do in person stuff which involves hotels and food and travel and printing brochures and printing booklets and all these different things Then you might want to hire someone to do that or you might not even thought about that you meet someone You know, you meet someone who does these kinds of things and you say oh, oh, that's interesting. Yeah. What do you charge? Oh, really? You only charge that much? Yeah, let's do this. Absolutely Okay, so whatever it is you do it's entirely possible. This is not just a place for for virtual joint ventures. This is not just a place for promoting launches and giveaways and summits. This is a place for any kind of, when I say joint venture, I mean the broadest possible version of joint venture. Anytime two people come together to create greater value. Anything. Podcast interviews, live events you know, Whatever. If you're a massage therapist who travels around the country, I mean, that's a bit, if you're locally focused, then you're not going to find as many clients necessarily, but you can still find knowledge. Which brings me to the next objection, next concern. Currently building my business. So I hear this often. I don't want to go, I'm not ready. I don't have my offer. I don't have a list. I don't have anything to bring to the table. Yes, you do. You bring something to the table and even if you have nothing even if you're saying you know what I don't even know what my Business is I'm thinking about starting a business haven't even started it yet. I've got Absolutely nothing then you should be at JV Connect. You should absolutely be at JV Connect because it's the most Affordable education you will find anywhere Let me tell you why you are going to be in a room with dozens or hundreds of experienced established ethical Entrepreneurs good people who know what they're talking about and are open to serving open to helping and so you can get on a one to one With someone like this, you know get 30 minutes their time potentially and they will share some knowledge with you Okay, if you tried this here's a platform I try someone else to talk to you Let me connect you some people I know because that was me In 2021, when I attended the event that I, I took a lot of the cues for this event from, I had this vague concept of like, I'm the guy who knows a guy, I do maybe some coaching or something, or maybe I do a couple events, I guess, I don't know, I do some stuff. I got on calls with DOZENS, DOZENS of people. Who were, you know, six, seven, eight figure business owners, experts in sales, experts in mindset, experts in joint ventures. The networking concierge program came out of connections I made from there, as did the initial clients. If you go back to season three of this podcast, you will find a lot of interviews I did with people I met at that event and learned from them. I brought very little to the table. when I arrived at that event. But, these people were willing to meet with me because what they saw was, I'm growing. If you have an attitude of I'm here to give, I'm here to serve, even if I don't have anything, but whatever I've got I'm here to serve with it. If you've got that attitude, they're happy to help you. Why? Because that tends to return. At worst, you're going to leave and say, Wow, that was such a nice guy I met. I'm so glad I met him. I'm going to tell a couple friends how cool he is. Right? You improve their brand a bit. At best, one of the people who I met who was very very generous with his time and his knowledge with me, I ended up making I think a dozen introductions, if I'm not mistaken about six or seven of them became clients. So, you know, there's paybacks. So don't worry about where you are in business, what you've got ready. It's fine. So the first two days are open to everyone. Now day three is invitation only. Day three you can't go to. If you don't have your business ready, your offers, your list, your programs, your systems in place. But that's fine. Day 3 exists so that the established folks on day 1 and 2, they understand they're meeting with people who don't necessarily have all their ducks in a row. And that's fine for them. They know what they're going to meet. They're also going to meet a lot of each other. But day 3 is where they're going to make all the big deals with each other. But if you're not there, you still get to hang out with them. It's not going to be a bunch of newbies hanging out with a bunch of newbies. Which is what you find in a lot of other events, because they're enrollment events. This is why JV Connect is not an enrollment event. With an enrollment event, you need to target your audience who are going to buy from you. And that tends to be more the newbies. The people missing something in their business, that's why they need to buy from you. You make that a networking event, that ends up being who's networking. And then you end up with the blind leading the blind, groping around in the dark, and probably trying to grab your wallet. And that's not what I want to have here, that's not what we're going to have here. We're going to have something much more valuable, where it is a mix of more experienced and newer people. And as it's currently breaking down, mostly more experienced people, but don't worry, they're not going to judge you. They were, you know, the online industry as it is... Only existed for the last few years or so. So no one's that experience. Everyone remembers when they were new. And even if they, they've been in business a long time, they're not there to judge. That's not the kind of people I invite. That's not the kind of people that I'm attracting. We're, we're attracting people who are abundance mindset, growth oriented and thinking about constant improvement. So wherever you are, that's just your step in the journey. And they all recognize that. And if they don't let me know. Because if someone's giving you issues, if someone's making fun of you or putting you down because you're not in a good place, I want to know about that because I'm going to have a conversation with them and let them know that's not how we do this here, right? Because this is a supportive environment where we're all helping each other move ahead as we can. The next concern was that see this person is concerned about you know, why no, there's going to be a, a next level networking event because a lot of the events this person's gone to what they find is that the people they meet, they don't want to share what they have. They don't want to share their information. They don't want to share connections. They don't want to share introductions. They're not there to give. Now that tends to be a matter of being a newbie networker. People who don't know how to network. Hoard their networking connections, right? Oh, no, I don't want to introduce you to that person. That's one of my special networking contacts. I can't share them with just anyone. So, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna share that with you. A great networker comes to give and comes to share. And I very often make connections. Yeah, I'll meet someone for the first time and then I'll say, Hey, you know, you should meet this person. Let me connect you. And does that go bad sometimes? Do I sometimes hear back, Hey, that person introduces you? Yeah, kind of a, you know, Kind of a stinky fish not a great introduction. It happens, sometimes, but not often. The worst case scenario generally is that they meet and they say, Meh, that was nice, thanks, moving along. You know, didn't really get much from it. But there, there's, there's nothing to be lost from making a well intentioned introduction. And anyone who's a good networker understands that. Anyone who's successful in business understands that. Truly successful, not struggling at a high level. Anyone who's... You know, we're successful business abundance minded understands that and that again, that's who I'm attracting to this event That's who I'm bringing to JV connect those kinds of people who want to give who want to share The kind of people you meet them They're gonna want to connect you to people they know and provide that value and support you as they can now I can't guarantee that every single person you meet is gonna be like that and I don't know how you network. So, you know, it's possible that you might give off a vibe that makes people be like, I don't really want to connect you with anyone. So I can't speak to that. But if you are giving and open and abundance minded and charismatic and you make people like you, then the people you meet at JVConnect will be receptive to that. And, if everyone you meet ends up being a dud and like, no one will introduce me to anyone, this event was crap, well, we've got a guarantee. That if you're not satisfied with the people you meet, I'll make three introductions for you myself. So, once again, is it worth 50 in two days to get three introductions from the guy who knows a guy himself? I think so. And the final concern that I have here is, Just need to make it the right priority at the right time. Now obviously that's up to you. Right? As I'm recording this, as the moment I'm recording this, there was a networking event I was going to attend. I decided not to go to it because I looked at it and said, yeah, this actually, could it be good? Could it be valuable? Yes, but it's an hour away and I got to pay for parking and I've got a bunch of stuff to do. I need to record my podcast and you record these other things. This is not the priority for me. So it could absolutely be that this is not a priority for you at this time. You don't want to spend two days. First off, let me make this clear, you don't have to spend two days. You could come for four hours, five hours. If you come for half a day, a little over half a day, you're going to get your money's worth. Alright, if you come for three hours, you will probably end up in at least five breakout sessions. And you're going to make some powerful connections because these sessions are built to create connections for you. The primary objective is that you get valuable connections. That's what this is around. I'm not trying to teach you anything. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm trying to get you great connections because if you get great connections, you're going to register for the next event in March and you're going to bring some friends. That's the business model. give you a great experience with great results so that you want to keep coming back forever. That's my primary KPI. How many people at one event register for the next event? That's my KPI. So if your challenge, whatever you're doing could be solved by meeting more people, Whoever those people might be, then JB Connection can do that for you. If you're in a place where you're like, I'm meeting people left, right, and sideways all day long. They're great people, but I don't have my landing page. I don't have my course created. I don't have, you know, there's all these technical things I need to get done and I'm not getting done some networking too much, then yeah, you might want to skip this one and join us in March when you've got everything together, but, but that is, if you have a clear list of things you need to be getting done. If instead of going to JV Connect, you're going to wander around worrying about what you haven't gotten done for another day and remain unclear and unfocused and not sure what you're doing, come to JV Connect, because you'll meet people who will inspire you. You'll meet people who will set you on the right track. You'll meet people who will hold you accountable. You know, you'll meet the people who will give you the information and become more productive. So, some people, absolutely. Maybe it's not the right priority right now. But if you're not sure why it's not, this will be the most valuable two day networking event you've ever attended. I am confident of that for most people for a virtual networking event. I'm not sure I'd hold this up against any live multi day networking event, because if you're going to a live multi day networking event, you're probably dealing with some really, really high level people, and you're doing it face to face. Real powerful. So if you have a choice between, like, JBConnect and... Going to the folks, hanging out with the folks who go to Davos, hang out with the Davos folks. But if it's a choice between JV Connect and, you know, I don't know, writing some emails, come to JV Connect. I think you're, I think you're gonna get something out of it. And if not, worst case, hey Michael, you owe me three introductions. We'll get on a call. We'll hook you up. I'll make sure it's worth your time, worth your money. So if you are not yet registered for JV connect, you should go to J V dash connect. com JV connect. com hit the purple button, go to the, go through that second page there and register at this very moment, as you listen to this, it is 50 after Thanksgiving, it's going to 70. So, you know, we don't have any kind of black Friday discount, but the black Friday deal is the price is lower than it'll be afterwards. So don't wait, unless you want to give me more money, but don't wait, if you want to give me more money, just send me more money, totally cool, buy two tickets, whatever, buy a ticket for a friend you can do that by the way you can buy a ticket and just, you know, you can only buy one ticket at a time, but you buy a ticket, you then buy a second ticket, put in your friend's name that you want to, your friend's name and email address that you want to buy a ticket for, you have to put in your own address, because it compares the zip code to your credit card number, but put in your friend's name and email address, and thus you can buy them a ticket. So, there you go. If you do decide to do that and you want confirmation, because of course, they'll get the confirmation and you won't, then just email me, michael at guyknowsaguy. com. Fuck yeah. Alright, I look forward to seeing more and more of you in December. We have over 140 people registered as of this recording, and it just keeps getting better. I think we've had three registered this morning. So it just keeps cooking along. Thank you so much for listening, and I'll see you in December.

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