Why I’m so Transparent in my Emails

The secret to the quality of my emails is that I’m lazy.

You know those emails that you don’t like. The ones that are generic and salesy. The ones that identify a generic problem that you may or may not have, then they agitate that problem, then they make an amazing offer while delivering no value?

Those are super hard to write. There’s a whole formula and process.

They are part of big fancy funnels with all kinds of technology, tracking, trigger links, and landing pages.

Want to know my process?

Here it is: 

  1. An idea pops into my head. 
  2. Then I sit down and write it. 
  3. Then I think of some kind of call to action to put at the end. 
  4. Then I put it into Moosend and schedule it to go out.

The inspiration for this one is that I just wrote two emails about JV Connect that are very transparent sharing all kind of details about the strategy, budget, and all the rest.

Got me thinking, “Wow, this is pretty honest. Like really honest. Like more transparent than I’ve ever seen. I think my audience likes this stuff. I should talk about it.

Here I am, talking about talking about it.

Many people tell me that they don’t have an email list, or don’t send to it often, because they don’t know what to send or don’t have time to learn or don’t know what to do.

We hear all about high converting copy: copy that grabs your audience by the face and pulls them down your funnel.

High converting copy is what you need in the sequence that follows paid ads. You paid for a lead and now you need to convert that lead. It has its place.

But it’s not for an email list of people you met at networking events, people who came to your summits, people who came from partners to learn from you.

You know what that audience wants?

They want you.

That’s why they signed up for and did not unsubscribe from your list.

Don’t worry about formulas.

Don’t worry about the experts.

Don’t worry about high converting copy.

Just be you. Imagine you’re writing to one person in your audience. Maybe the one you spoke to most recently. Write a message for them.

Tell them a story.

Share an idea or opinion.

Teach them something.

Then, at the end, give them a way they can engage with you.
That’s the secret: laziness authenticity.

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