The Pitch Pretending to Be Training

Recently, I attended a webinar and I learned something very important.

However, I didn’t learn it from the content of the webinar because the webinar was thoroughly devoid of educational content.

I learned it from what happened next.

The fellow teaching the webinar I knew to be a smart guy. I had gotten some good advice from him, and then saw him speak. In that talk, he shared a concept that seemed interesting. He invited us to attend his webinar the next week to learn more about it.

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A Launch In Review – learning for Affiliate Joint Ventures

You may recall a few weeks ago, I shared with you that I was going to be promoting programs for Virginia Muzquiz and Liz Scully.

I set things up so that it was really easy to opt out of the campaign while remaining in my community, and I’d like to share with you a few things I have learned doing that which you may find interesting, especially if you are interested in affiliate JVs.

Get ready for some numbers!

The Fun Guide to Chinese Number Slang Online | FluentU ...

The industry average is that when one promotes a launch full out, like I did, 5-8% of their email list will unsubscribe.

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Back From California With A Powerful New Community for Entrepreneurs

I am back from California, and this trip will go down as one of those that deliniates a moment of before and after.

What’s that? It’s one of those events where it was sufficiently transformative that there is a distinct difference between the time before and the time after.

Didn’t you come back like two weeks ago?

Yeah. I did, and there has been a lot of catching up to do.

I was out there for JVX, which is the live event that JVIC runs. JVX is three days, but there was a second event run by Michael Neeley and Jay Fiset called Reach that ran immediately after.

It was an amazing experience to get to see so many people whom I’ve known online for so long.

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I Raised $1000 for Charity With My Network

What’s a network good for?

On a recent Saturday, a friend who leads a non-profit reached out to me and asked for introduction to the Rotary Club I used to be a member of so she could apply for a grant.

I was happy to make the connection, and I asked “What’s the grant for?”

“We need a new freezer,” she explained. It is a community meals program that offers free meals to the public and they need somewhere to store the food that is donated.

Not knowing what freezers cost, but assuming we were talking about big bucks, I asked, “How much are you looking for?”

“A thousand dollars,” she replied.

There was a time when I thought a thousand dollars was a lot of money. That time has passed. Networking with millionaires will do that to you.

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Thanks to Good Advice a Dead Battery is No Big Deal

I had a rare outside-the-house networking event this morning at 8 AM. My wife had taken our daughter to work with her, and I was leaving at 9 to go pick her up.

I got into my car as I usually do before I drive.

Put on my seatbelt, put my foot on the brake, pushed the start button, and.

*click* *click* *click*

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EntrepreNERD in the Big Picture

You’ve heard me talk about EntrepreNERD.

Maybe you attended EntrepreNERD, Episode IV: A New Summit.

Maybe you’re planning to attend EntrepreNERD, Episode V: The Summit Strikes Back, on September 19th.

Maybe you’re going to apply to be a speaker at EntrepreNERD before the deadline next Monday.

You may be wondering if this event fits into a larger plan or if it is this summit another of the ADHD squirrels I chase around in my business?

The answer is yes. Definitely.

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I Failed at Everything for 21 Years Until…

“Do you realize that I have failed at everything I have ever tried?” I asked my wife.

It was 2019, and we were once again trying to figure out how we were going to pay the bills. While she was working her butt off in property management bringing in 2/3 of our income, my work as a magazine publisher was continuing to fall short of expectations.

In 1998, I joined Vector Marketing selling Cutco, and failed to make money. Failed to make my game store profitable. Car sales. Financial advising. Insurance sales. Print sales. More car sales. Startup marketing manager. And finally magazine publishing. Fail. Fail. Fail.

All failed to make anywhere near what I should have been able to make.

I did pretty well selling Volkswagens in 2013 until I got fired (a story for another day).

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Business Advice From the Pulpit

Most days I send out a letter by email with some tips and resources. This is the one from July 19th, 2022.

This past Sunday, I went to church as I often do on Sundays, and I was surprised to find that the lectionary reading echoed something that I’ve been saying on my Morning Motivation podcast for a while now.

I talk a lot about how everyone has been given particular talents and passions. By pursuing those gifts, one will find purpose, joy, meaning, and, quite likely, financial success.

Check this out:

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