How to Alienate and Offend With Subject Lines

I recently got an email with this subject line, and I’d like to share it as an example of something you should not do.

“I’m on zoom waiting” is the subject line.

Those are just below “we need to talk” as words that give me anxiety.

Those words mean that I made an error on my very crowded schedule. It means that somehow a call was booked but didn’t get on my calendar, and thus I’m probably double booked. Now I’ve got to apologize and reschedule, something I absolutely do not have time for.

So I’ll definitely click on that email to see what happened.

Then I discover that it’s a marketing email selling me… I don’t know what. Because as soon as I realized I don’t actually have someone on Zoom waiting, I stop reading and close the email in a state of relief mixed with annoyance.

Yes, it drives open rates, but does it drive engagement, goodwill, or clicks? That’s highly questionable.

The purpose of a subject line is to get someone to open the email, but when you use those that kind of language that tricks someone into opening with a manipulative, emotional reaction, you reduce rather than building trust.

Don’t manipulate your audience with emotionally manipulative subject lines. Treat them with respect and authenticity. It will take you much further.

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