The Pitch Pretending to Be Training

Recently, I attended a webinar and I learned something very important.

However, I didn’t learn it from the content of the webinar because the webinar was thoroughly devoid of educational content.

I learned it from what happened next.

The fellow teaching the webinar I knew to be a smart guy. I had gotten some good advice from him, and then saw him speak. In that talk, he shared a concept that seemed interesting. He invited us to attend his webinar the next week to learn more about it.

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A Launch In Review – learning for Affiliate Joint Ventures

You may recall a few weeks ago, I shared with you that I was going to be promoting programs for Virginia Muzquiz and Liz Scully.

I set things up so that it was really easy to opt out of the campaign while remaining in my community, and I’d like to share with you a few things I have learned doing that which you may find interesting, especially if you are interested in affiliate JVs.

Get ready for some numbers!

The Fun Guide to Chinese Number Slang Online | FluentU ...

The industry average is that when one promotes a launch full out, like I did, 5-8% of their email list will unsubscribe.

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Five Steps to Learn the Secrets of NINJA Networking

Networking, Introductions, Non-Competitive Partners, Joint Ventures, Affiliates.

Those are the five stages of Ninja Networking mastery, and they just so happen to spell NINJA.

Actually, it’s not a coincidence. Realizing that “networking” and “ninja” started with the same letter, I decided to see if I could make a cool ninja networking acronym. And I did.

Then, I realized that it not only spelled a super cool word, but that it did it in the order that most people follow on this journey.

It was meant to be!

In this article, I’m going to do a quick overview of the five stages, and in future articles I’ll dive deeper into each area. If you find this interesting, and would like to come on a journey with me to learn the secrets of the Ninja Networker, I encourage you to join my Ninja Networking program.

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Keith Besherse, The Lead Leader – Podcast Episode 54

Keith Besherse

Keith Besherse, The Lead Leader, makes the magic happen with marketing technology. We hear so much about how much data there is out there, but for many small businesses they are only fairy tales. Keith can use this technology to make those dreams come true and help your customers find true love in your business.

Keith is one of our amazing speakers in the Conference21 community. Be sure to join us on February 20-21.

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Pooja Agnihotri, CMO Bizadmark, Podcast Episode 44

Pooja Agnihotri
Pooja Agnihotri

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Our guest host is Pooja Agnihotri, Chief Marketing Officer of Bizadmark. We have a fantastic discussion about branding, developing a brand identity, managing a social media presence in a divisive era, and many more topics.

Pooja is working on a forthcoming book entitled 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail, and she shares some of the cautionary tales that led her to write this book.

Find our more about Pooja Agnihotri and her company Bizadmark at

Plus, Michael’s Last Word: Don’t tell me what you can’t do. Tell me what you can do!

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Bits And Bytes by Claus Appel

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Solution Oriented Marketing

For most business owners, sales and marketing are a necessary evil to be able to do what they want to do for their customers. Sales often feels adversarial and almost hostile. What if there was a way to engage with people whom you can help that put you both on the same side without the us vs them feeling of traditional sales?

Solution Oriented Marketing
Solution Oriented Marketing allows you to sit on the same side of the table with your clients from the first interaction, eliminating the uncomfortable, adversarial sales process.
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One Billion Masks

In a recent article I stated that attitude was the difference between thriving and struggling in these strange times, because the right attitude opens your mind to opportunities. A few weeks ago, I posted on social media that anyone who could sew would be well advised to start making and marketing unique and interesting masks because that market was growing rapidly.

At the time of writing, the best indications are that, when the quarantines end, there will be voluntary or mandatory requirements to wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in most of the country. This means that 330,000,000 Americans are going to need masks. More than that, it means that 330,000,000 Americans will have a new opportunity to express themselves in an entirely new fashion platform.

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