Why is everyone a “Marketing Coach?” And How that’s ruining the world

Have you noticed that the vast majority of people in the online business world are some variety of marketing coach or consultant? Do you know why that is?

There are some marketing coaches who just love marketing, and that’s what they’ve always done. They are awesome and provide a valuable service. But that is a small minority of marketing experts out there.

For many of them. if you take a look at their history, you’ll find that most of them used to be something else. An energy healer. A wellness coach. A parenting coach.

But then, in order for their business to be successful, they had to master all aspects of marketing. The learned to build funnels, write copy, run launches, manage social media and all the rest.

After spending months or years perfecting those skills, they discovered that selling those hard won skills was more lucrative than contributing to the world in the way that they had been called to.

And, just like that, the world has one more marketing coach.

We don’t need more marketing coaches

Nothing against marketing coaches, but they don’t actually create anything in the world. They facilitate those who make a difference to reach the people they can make a difference for.

Or they would, except for the fact that too many people, once they spend years mastering marketing, give up on making that difference for selling their marketing knowledge.

This is a bad system. It drains the world of the knowledge and solutions we need.

But, up until now, it has been necessary. It doesn’t matter what you are an expert in. If you don’t also become an expert in marketing, no one will ever find you.

The beginning of a better way

What if there were a platform that let experts be experts without becoming marketers.

That is the core of what The Great Discovery is.

The Great Discovery is a course platform where experts can share their courses to be promote by an affiliate network.

The core of the marketing strategy is a network marketing model, but unlike most network marketing companies, The Great Discovery’s affiliates aren’t selling the products of The Great Discovery. They are selling the courses created by the members.

Course creators get to leverage the power of network marketing to promote their content by simply creating great content.

They don’t have to get involved in the network marketing side at all, or they can choose to do so for additional revenue.

The key thing is that experts can focus on being experts!

The best time to get involved is now

The Great Discovery is still in a pre-launch phase.

That means that course creators who sign up before March 15th, 2024, will have the opportunity to pay just $628 one time to get unlimited lifetime course posting privileges. One course or a thousand courses, all included. No limits. No maintenance fees.

After the launch, it will shift to a more traditional monthly membership model.

If you would like to sign up, go to this link, and follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for the 14 day free trial of the Genius Club (that gives you 10% off)
  2. Click the button on the right to become an affiliate
  3. Select the Champions Course Creator Pack
  4. Fill out the information to register and pay

At that point, you will be a course creator with lifetime course posting privileges.

If you would like to know more, there is a video on that web site, or you can email me at michael@guywhoknowsaguy.com to ask questions.

But I encourage you to act quickly because there is a great benefit in getting in on this early.

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