My Mission

Imagine if every honest, hard worker never feared losing their job because they knew they could get another one.

Imagine if everyone understood the power of the Internet in the modern economy to allow them to create their own living through entrepreneurship.

Over the last few months building my coaching business, I have come to recognize that I am driven by more than the desire to make money and get clients.

I am driven by a mission. That mission is to change the world by changing the way that people make their living. That is why I give away so much content for free.

I know too many people who struggle to survive, living paycheck to paycheck and falling deeper and deeper into debt. They know no other way. They don’t realize that they could take the very skills they already have, sell them on the open market, and support themselves.

Advocates fight for higher minimum wages and labor regulations, but it’s a losing game. As the wages rise, the cost of living rises with them.

The Guy Who Knows A Guy's Mission
I want you to help me change the world.

What if instead of regulation, everyone knew their true economic value. Imagine if every American knew that they could launch a $500/week online business designing web sites, copy writing, virtual assisting, tutoring, or any number of other ways made possible by technology. There are people out there making $2,500 per client per month to manage their social media. Do you think they have a degree in social media marketing? They do not.

If everyone held that alternative in their back pocket, minimum wage would be irrelevant. Why work for $7.25 per hour when you can make a single web site and earn more than you’d get in a week at the job?

Not everyone can or will start a business, but if even a modest percentage of people exit the low wage labor market, it will create supply shortage which will drive up wages naturally. It helps those who can start their own businesses, and those who cannot.

Starting your own business isn’t easy, but struggling in a soul crushing minimum wage job isn’t easy either. So, if you’re going to choose one hard path, shouldn’t it be the one that leads to independence.

This is my mission. This is the through line of all the work I do, whether it’s teaching networking skills, coaching job seekers, working with entrepreneurs, inspiring through my Motivational Minutes, my podcast, or my speaking. It is all about empowering people to take control of their own economic destiny, whether that means starting their own business, side-hustling, or simply shifting the workplace power dynamic.

This is a revolution that creates no losers. Workers increase their standard of living, creating more economic value and having more money to spend, which they circulate into the economy, creating more economic activity benefiting workers and industrialists alike.

This is my mission. To change the world, by returning power to people through economic empowerment rather than regulation.

Imagine what a world that would be.

Does this mission excite you like it does me? Join me and help spread the word. Share my content. Let people know about my programs. Join my affiliate army.

To join me in this mission, email me at

It doesn’t take great action to make great change. It takes small action, repeated many times. Will you join me?

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