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When I set up a one to one with someone, I send them a series of brief emails to share the various aspects of what I do. I have copied the particular messages to my blog so they can jump ahead to those that interest them more.

This is the one where I discuss my Coaching.

Among my various activities, coaching is the core of my business.

I describe myself as a mindset and business coach. Everything I do is focused around three pillars: Values, Vision, and Gratitude.

Values are what drive us, and we must understand them if we are to be successful. Some people value a sense of accomplishment or contribution. Some value comfort and ease. Some value the chance to strive. When we understand our own values, we are empowered to work with and not against these core drives.

Vision is future so vivid you can almost live in it. Powerful vision is your goals in color. We take your numerical, smart, focused goals and expand them into a future so real that it cannot help but occur.

Gratitude is the vital third leg of the stool. When your vision of the future is vivid, there is a risk that the present can appear mediocre and uninspiring by comparison. I work with my clients to develop a sincere appreciation for what they have now and what they have accomplished. This increases satisfaction and happiness, but it also brings the vision to life faster by making them more appreciative of opportunities before them.

With these three pillars in mind, I work with clients to develop robust and exciting goals which they will achieve faster than they ever thought possible.

You can get a sense of my coaching philosophies and concepts at my blog at

I wrote an article detailing my overarching mission as a coach in an article here:

You can make real connections in a virtual community, and in tomorrow’s email I’ll share with you how we do it.

-Michael Whitehouse
The Guy Who Knows A Guy

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