Coaching – 1 to 1 Welcome Sequence

When I set up a one to one with someone, I send them a series of brief emails to share the various aspects of what I do. I have copied the particular messages to my blog so they can jump ahead to those that interest them more.

This is the one where I discuss my Coaching.

Among my various activities, coaching is the core of my business.

I describe myself as a mindset and business coach. What that means is that I help people to find clarity. Clarity around their goals. Clarity around their values. Clarity around their strategy.

I bring two key sets of tools to my coaching work: coaching techniques and my network.

My coaching techniques are a suite of strategies that help clients to discover the wisdom that is within themselves. Often times we are stuck on what to do next because we don’t have as much clarity on where we would like to go as we think we do. We also often have more resources than we are aware of. Coaching helps to uncover this.

Over many years of entrepreneurship and networking, I have come to know a little bit about most things. When a client has a more concrete challenge (no amount of introspection will fix a hole in the roof) I deploy this combination of background knowledge and network.

I am able to provide initial direction as we work the problem, then I can provide introductions to the right people to collaborate with or hire if the difficulty requires outside support.

You can get a sense of my coaching philosophies and concepts at my blog at

I wrote an article detailing my overarching mission as a coach in an article here:

Can you create real connections at a virtual event? The answer is yes, and in tomorrow’s email I’ll share with you how I did it.

-Michael Whitehouse
The Guy Who Knows A Guy

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