The Guy Who Knows A Guy, The Connector – 1 to 1 Welcome Sequence

When I set up a one to one with someone, I send them a series of brief emails to share the various aspects of what I do. I have copied the particular messages to my blog so they can jump ahead to those that interest them more.

This is the one where I discuss my network and my book.

In 2014, I moved to the town of Groton, Connecticut not knowing a single person in town. At the time, I was trying to build an ill-fated consulting business without much of a business plan. The one thing that I did know was that whatever I was doing would require a robust network.

The night before we officially moved to town, I attended my first Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours, and I turned my networking up to 11 from then on.

Within two years, I was being asked to fill vacancies in town government, offered leadership roles in the local Rotary club, and more.

I was finding that I had connections that locals who had lived here for generations didn’t know. I had become a guy who knows a guy.

It became clear to me that I was doing something right, and what I was doing would be of benefit to others. In 2017, I wrote The Guy Who Knows A Guy to share the techniques and strategies which had served me so well.

Since then, I have built a network such that if someone asks me for a connection, it is highly likely that I either know who they’re looking for or I know someone who does.

Feel free to bring some ideas of connections you are looking to make to our one to one and put that network to the test.

You can get a printed copy of my book at

This brings us to the end of my email introduction. I’ve shared my daily Morning Motivation podcast, my coaching and courses, the Success Accelerator Network, my network, and my book.

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-Michael Whitehouse

The Guy Who Knows A Guy

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