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When I set up a one to one with someone, I send them a series of brief emails to share the various aspects of what I do. I have copied the particular messages to my blog so they can jump ahead to those that interest them more.

This is the one where I discuss Conference21.

Looking around America in the 2020s, one thing is very clear. This ain’t your grandpappy’s economy. Long gone are the days when you can get a high school diploma, get a job down at the plant, and support a family until you retire with a pension.

Also gone are the days when you can get a college degree and be assured of good employment.

The economy has become more difficult. There are more losers and less winners than in previous decades. Much of this is because the economy has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, but we are still teaching people to work like it’s 1995.

Goalsetting, mindset, networking, and other topics are no longer the exclusive domain of entrepreneurs. Or, put another way, most people need to be at least a little entrepreneurial if they are going to be financially successful in the modern economy.

The problem is that the people who most need this guidance are those who are least able to afford it. The single mom working at Walmart for $8 per hour, the one who would do anything to make a better life for her family, cannot afford a $500 per month coaching program.

I wanted to do something that would make the knowledge I have to share accessible to a broader audience. The Morning Motivation podcast provides the inspiration, but people also need tools for action, and that is why I am creating a series of low cost audio courses.

For only a few dollars, those who are looking to find ways to start winning in the modern economy can find audio courses that will guide them on their path.

As I launch new courses, I put them on my courses web page at

Folks can also subscribe to my Patreon page and get every new course included at

I appreciate you taking a few minutes to learn about what I do. Tomorrow, I will be sharing a bit about my network and how I built it, and I’ll have a special gift for you.

Why does it say “The Guy Who Knows A Guy” under my name in each email? What does that mean? Check your email tomorrow and you’ll find out.

-Michael Whitehouse
The Guy Who Knows A Guy

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