No Stupid Questions, Only Stupid People Who Don’t Ask Questions

“I thought heating oil was made from coal.”

When she said that, I knew what kind of person I was dealing with: a person who does not know how to ask questions.

It’s not that she didn’t care. She apparently spent hours watching documentaries about “the truth” in the world, but she couldn’t be troubled to spend 3 seconds typing a simple question into Google

(The answer, in case you don’t know, is that heating oil is very similar to diesel and is produced from crude oil.)

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people who don’t ask questions.

The challenge, especially in business is that many of the questions we ask cannot be answered by Google. If you ask a factual question like the one above, there are authoritative sites.

But if you ask a question like “What social media platform should I be on?” or “What is the next step in my business?” or “How do I build an audience?” you will get advertisements.

I don’t just mean the paid results at the top. I mean that everything that Google gives you is an ad for something because everything you will see is there because money was spent on SEO, and they expect a return.

So the sites you’ll go to for your “answers” will give you “answers” that would suggest that the solution to your problem is to buy their thing.

Whether or not you buy their thing, you will get bad information because it is information that is given to you for reasons other than your own best interest.

One of the greatest benefits I have gained from having a network like I do is that I have access to high quality information. If I have a question, whether technical, strategic, or even philosophical, I have people I trust that I can get good advice from.

It is this asset, which has been invaluable to me, that I have built the Entrepreneur Mentor Community around.

I have invited dozens of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable people I know to be Mentors in the community. These are people who know good information, and who share it for your benefit..

I’ve also found that, because I have done a little and this a bit of that and whole lot of the other thing, I’ve had occasion to ask most of the questions that entrepreneurs ask, so I either know a top level answer, or I know who does.

This is what I do in the Ask Me Anything Solution Sessions which are one of the privileges of membership.

Want to check it out? The next one is at 11 AM (Eastern) Wednesday. (They’re every Wednesday at 11.)

You can come once as a guest, and members can come as often as they need to.

To attend, just use this Zoom link at 11 AM Eastern today (or any Wednesday).

You can only visit once, but it’s only $47 to become a member, so if you find it valuable, it’s easy to join.

The Connector Nexus, Rewarding the Chain of Connections

“If this deal comes together, your commission could be $5,000,000.”


That got my attention.

Connector Nexus, Honoring the Chain of Connections

I’ve been coming across more and more of these kinds of opportunities. Situations where if I can connect the right people, substantial commissions are to be made. But there’s a problem.

My network is substantial, but the true power lies in the network of my network, and their network, and most of these arrangements are built around the idea of a single connector making connections to their rolodex.

Have you ever made an introduction that down the line lead to substantial money being made, but you didn’t see a piece of it? 😰

With these opportunities, there are two issues I need to address.
1) How to fully activate my entire network to find the one person that my contact needs to meet
2) How to make sure everyone involved in making it happen is rewards.

😀 Enter The Connector Nexus or (Connexus because Connector Nexus is really hard to say). 😀

It’s simple. You fill out that form and give me permission to inform you of opportunities I come across.

Then, you introduce me to people you think might know the people I am looking for.

The form asks you for who introduced you to me, so I can track the chain of connections.

If a commission is made, that commission is shared up the chain. Naturally, the closer to the actual connection, the more they get, but the result is that you could introduce me to someone who introduces me to someone you don’t even know, and you get a portion of what comes of it. (You can see the math here)

Amazing connections occur.
Everyone gets rewarded.
We all win.

All you need to do is fill out the short form, read the updates I send you, and introduce me to well connected people you know.

I’ll do the rest, and if something comes of it, you’ll automatically get paid through PayPal.

Working with My Wife

I’m going to share two pictures with you that are very exciting to me but may require a bit of explanation to understand.

Exciting? Amiright?

OK, a little explanation…

The first picture is now the view from my desk. Previously, there had been no whiteboards there and the nook on the left was a jumbled mess. (My capacity for success is limited only by how many whiteboards I have to map out ideas on, so now it is increased.)

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What D&D Can Teach Us About Neurodivergent Superpowers

Many of the wealthiest and most successful people I know in entrepreneurship have some kind of diagnosis: ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or something else.

The conventional thinking is that neurodivergent neurotypes are disabilities, but a better way to think of them may be like classes and races in Dungeons and Dragons.

If you’re not familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, I encourage you to rectify that, but you’ll probably be able to follow along.

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How to Build a Thousand Person Email List in a Year

If you’re in the entrepreneurship space for any length of time, you’ll hear about how important it is to have an email list. It is a marketing asset that you own and control yourself. It is the currency of joint ventures and many lucrative types of speaking engagements. It is just a cool thing to have.

That’s cool and all, but how do you build a list if you don’t have one? And how big does it need to be anyway?

How Big Does Your Email List Need to Be?

Like most questions of this type, the answer depends on what you want to do with it.

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Riana Milne, Live and Love Beyond Your Dreams – Interview #96

Riana Milne’s mission is to help women, men and couples of all ages overcome and heal from past childhood, dating, and relationship trauma to move on to create a life and relationship they are passionate about.

Over 22 years of research is at the core of the Dating to Mating System for Singles and the Relationship Rescue Coaching program for Couples. Her experience with working with Trauma includes: being a SAC – Student Assistance Counselor for grades K through College); working with kids of Trauma in the Psych Division of a major Southern NJ hospital system, working with Women of the Prison System and adolescents in two different Rehab Facilities. She was called by the major news networks during the tragedy of 911 to speak on how to heal this horrendous trauma our children, families, and country has endured. She’s had numerous radio and TV shows and appearances; all with a Mission of “Helping to Change the Way the World Loves.”

With the “Mindset for Success,” she started teaching at age 26 to my Models, Actors and Singers and Dancers at my Award-winning Riana Model & Talent School and Agency; like many others of all ages – you will gain the necessary confidence and essential skills to reach your goals and dreams and attract and keep an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Love Relationship.

Using a holistic, individualized coaching approach designed to help every woman, man and couple better understand themselves both emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, the Life & Love Coaching Transformation programs were all designed to help every person to create the life they desire and to have the love they deserve.

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TVM: A Different Way Of Looking At Earnings & Investment

We’re often warned about the dangers of instant gratification. In the infamous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, schoolchildren were presented with a marshmallow on a plate. They were given two options: eat the marshmallow now and get not get any more, or wait for a certain amount of time and then receive two marshmallows as a reward for their patience.

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The Monster Obstacle In Your Imagination

Yellow Cat is quite alert to dangers in her own imagination.

We have a new dog in our house: a 103 pound Great Pyrenees. Our 19 pound orange cat is not pleased by this.

The cat, Yellow Cat, has hidden under the bed and barely eaten for a week.

You are probably thinking that this is because Rain, the new dog, will not let her, but that is not the case.

Great Pyrenees are herd dogs. They are bred to manage herds and bark at predators. Yellow Cat is not her herd and is not a predator, and thus is about as interesting to her as a kitchen cabinet.

Yellow Cat, on the other hand, has decided that Rain is a post apocalyptic monster. When we have tried to introduce them, Rain is quite uninterested except for the fact that our hand on the cat could be better put to use scratching her ear.

While Rain looks bored, Yellow pins her ears back, opens her eyes wide, hisses and spits.

You see, Yellow has concocted and entire narrative about this dog in her head which is completely separate from reality. She believes the she has to hide, that she is in danger, that she cannot eat.

Rain is quite uninterested in the small orange animal in the house.

But there is only one thing in the house preventing Yellow Cat from going about her day: Yellow Cat.

Yellow Cat has never been a particularly smart cat. That’s why she is only named Yellow Cat.

However, I have seen very smart humans do much the same thing.

We invent monsters to be afraid of.

We create insurmountable obstacles to stop us.

We hold ourselves back from our best lives because of narratives we create in our own imaginations.

Events are not good or bad but what we make them. The dog entering the house is far more of an impact on Yellow Cat’s mindset than on the actual facts of her life.

The same is true if we lose a job, move, end a relationship, get a promotion, graduate school, or anything else.

Every event creates a new set of circumstances which we can deal with in any number of ways. Too often, like Yellow Cat, we interpret the events in such a way as to limit our own choices far more than circumstances do while failing to recognize the opportunities.

This big fluffy dog is lonely when we’re not around, and Yellow Cat is as well (although probably not as worried about it). She could have a buddy if she could see past the terror she has imagined.

What could you have if you could see past the monsters you have created in your own imagination?

Do you find yourself allowing imaginary monsters to hold you back? Let’s talk about it. I can often help people get clear where the real obstacles are and are not. Click here to schedule a call with no cost or obligation.