Working with My Wife

I’m going to share two pictures with you that are very exciting to me but may require a bit of explanation to understand.

Exciting? Amiright?

OK, a little explanation…

The first picture is now the view from my desk. Previously, there had been no whiteboards there and the nook on the left was a jumbled mess. (My capacity for success is limited only by how many whiteboards I have to map out ideas on, so now it is increased.)

The second picture is my wife spraying Rust-Oleum onto the old chairs that came with the house that live in the annex of my office.

So, what’s exciting about this?

Some people get excited about taking trips with their spouse or date nights. My wife and I get excited about working together. Our best times have been when we teamed up to take on a challenge. Prior to 2018, we would attend numerous geek conventions every year, running the ConCardia card game, managing the Infodesk, and leading other projects. We make a great team, and we work well together.

Something happened in 2018 that put an end to all those events that I may share in another article, and recently she has been overwhelmed with her job while I’ve been focused on my business.

What is exciting about those two pictures is that all that work was done yesterday, Sunday, as we worked together to turn my office from a place that I happen to work into a more proper work space.

We. Worked. Together!

What’s more exciting is that this is a harbinger of things to come. In December of 2021, my business brought in about $300. Come January, 2023, my wife will be joining my team.

(2022 has been a heck of a year.)

These pictures are exciting because they commemorate one day of working together which is a preview of working together full time. I have a particular set of skills, but also some particular blind spots. Amy’s strengths well match my weaknesses, which means that together we can do far more than I can on my own.

Together we will be unstoppable!

So, stay tuned, exciting things are coming.

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