The Connector Nexus, Rewarding the Chain of Connections

“If this deal comes together, your commission could be $5,000,000.”


That got my attention.

Connector Nexus, Honoring the Chain of Connections

I’ve been coming across more and more of these kinds of opportunities. Situations where if I can connect the right people, substantial commissions are to be made. But there’s a problem.

My network is substantial, but the true power lies in the network of my network, and their network, and most of these arrangements are built around the idea of a single connector making connections to their rolodex.

Have you ever made an introduction that down the line lead to substantial money being made, but you didn’t see a piece of it? 😰

With these opportunities, there are two issues I need to address.
1) How to fully activate my entire network to find the one person that my contact needs to meet
2) How to make sure everyone involved in making it happen is rewards.

😀 Enter The Connector Nexus or (Connexus because Connector Nexus is really hard to say). 😀

It’s simple. You fill out that form and give me permission to inform you of opportunities I come across.

Then, you introduce me to people you think might know the people I am looking for.

The form asks you for who introduced you to me, so I can track the chain of connections.

If a commission is made, that commission is shared up the chain. Naturally, the closer to the actual connection, the more they get, but the result is that you could introduce me to someone who introduces me to someone you don’t even know, and you get a portion of what comes of it. (You can see the math here)

Amazing connections occur.
Everyone gets rewarded.
We all win.

All you need to do is fill out the short form, read the updates I send you, and introduce me to well connected people you know.

I’ll do the rest, and if something comes of it, you’ll automatically get paid through PayPal.

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