In the Image of God

Rowan, my 9 year old daughter, says many wise things. 

Some on purpose, others unintentionally.

A friend recommended that I should listen to a “Bible In a Year” program, and, always open to new ways to become inspired as I do my exercises, I started today.

My daughter happened to walk in as Nicky Gumbel was discussing how we are all made in God’s image.

To this, she made the sort of quip that 9 year olds are wont to do, that contains wisdom they do not realize.

She made a face and said, “It this in God’s image?”

Email Image

(Not the actual face the she made, but close enough for the story)

First, I chuckled at her expression.

At first, I was about to give the adult answer that, no, that’s not what it means.

But I stopped myself.

I paused to hear the wisdom in her childlike humor.

That is not all of what it means, but it is some of what it means.

That precisely the image of the God who created the platypus.

It is the image of the God who puts a hilarious billboard on the highway next to the traffic jam we are stuck in.

It is the face of God who, in the midst of our most serious and weighty world creates regular moments of levity, humor, and joy.

Take a look at your own face.

(Take a selfie if you don’t have a mirror handy)

Created in the image of God that is.
Take a moment to think about that. 
Every wrinkle, blemish, and imperfection, created in the image of God.
All of your foibles, errors, mistakes, and weaknesses are created in the image of God.

And what if you don’t believe in God?

That’s okay. But even if you don’t, I encourage you to try this little exercise of looking at yourself and saying “That is in the image of God.”

Just try it on. See how you like it.

No need to take it too seriously. It’s just some advice out of an email from some guy.

Maybe make a funny face while you do it.

Did you know I produce a daily podcast called Morning Motivation?

It’s true, and it’s a lot of stuff like this: thoughts to get you motivated in the morning (thus the name)

You can find it here.

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