Morning Motivation – 1 to 1 Welcome Sequence

When I set up a one to one with someone, I send them a series of brief emails to share the various aspects of what I do. I have copied the particular messages to my blog so they can jump ahead to those that interest them more.

This is the one where I discuss my Morning Motivation Podcast.

Morning Motivation Podcast

I do a number of different things, but the most interesting to most people is the daily Morning Motivation podcast I put out.

In fall of 2020, I was looking for a quick daily hit of motivation. I got tired of the YouTube videos that were just rehashes of the same old speeches over different music, so I looked around to find something more focused. I could not find it anywhere.

So, I made my own.

You can check it out, watch a video I based on one of the early messages, and sign up to get 2-5 minutes of motivational awesomeness right in your email every morning.

The link is:

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you a bit about my coaching work.

-Michael Whitehouse
The Guy Who Knows A Guy

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