If $10,000 Would Solve All of Your Problems, You Don’t Have Any Problems

“If $10,000 would solve all of your problems, you don’t have any problems.”

A very successful insurance salesman at a company I worked at said this to me many years ago. I understood the truth in it, but not how to act on it.

It is like understanding that airplanes fly because of pressure differential across the wings, but not knowing how to build a wing that creates the differential.

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Real Networking in Virtual Times

This piece was originally written as the script for an audio piece I recorded for the Bookboon audio library.

2020 was a very disruptive year, and 2021 is just following that trend, but disruption is not always bad. It has closed some avenues and opened others. In the next few minutes, I’ll share with you some universal tips and strategies for networking then I’ll share with you some of the incredible new opportunities that this new virtual space has created.

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Networking in the Virtual World

Networking in the virtual world

Are networking events an important part of your business?

If so, the last few months have been quite a shock to the system. The business I started 2020 with was absolutely dependent on local, in person networking, which is why the business I’m running as we start 2021 is a very different business.

There are fundamentally two types of networking: networking through events and networking through referrals.

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