Networking Gathering

The Guy Who Knows a Guy is running an open networking event!

Are you an abundance minded person who networks with the intention of giving more than you take? Then you will be welcome at The Networking Gathering.

The 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM Eastern.

There is no financial obligation to attend, but there is a price. The price is that you must be generous with your network, making connections for those you meet that will value them.

The formal event runs 5:30 to 6:30, but I open the room at 5:00, and I stick around for half an hour after.

In this group, we focus on Level 3 asks.

I explain the 5 levels of Ninja Networking in this article.

But to make it very simple, level 1 is network prospecting. It’s looking for your customer in the room.

Level 2 is introduction networking. That’s asking people you meet for your customer. It works very poorly when meeting people for the first time.

Level 3 is “non-competitive partners!” This means that you are asking the people you meet for introductions to people with whom you can have mutual benefits. They could be referral partners, mentors, or any other kind of people that you won’t sell to or buy from but that great value can occur.

That’s what we focus on in the meeting.