Neurodiversity Superpowers Mastermind free beta

Interested in learning what the Neurodiversity Superpowers Mastermind is all about?

This is your chance.

Thursday, August 25th, 2022 at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT

We will be hosting a 2 hour, Neurodiversity Superpowers Mastermind free and open to all.

This is an event for all kinds of neurodiverse people. If you believe that your brain interacts with the world differently than the average guy on the street, then you are welcome.

This is for people who have learned to leverage their unique brain for great success, for people who are starting to see the potential, and for people who need some support to discover their own superpowers.

Bring your greatest challenges for the group to help you find insights and solutions for.

Bring your own experience, wisdom, and brilliance to help other members find their solutions and insights.

To register free, just fill out this form and be sure to mark August 25th on your calendar.
You do not want to miss this.