Network to a Job in 21 Days

Some people can just go out and get a job. They get laid off, they make a few phone calls, and they’re on to the next place just like that.

How do they do that? The same way you will!

By deploying the same tools that the best networkers, the best sales people, and the best entrepreneurs use, you can get a job in 21 days or less.

In the Network to a Job in 21 Days Course, you will learn simple strategies that you can start using immediately.

You will learn...

How to put the connections you already have to work

Network Development
How to rapidly grow your network even if you know no one

How to bypass the usual job search runaround to get directly to those who can hire you

Entrepreneurial Mindset
How to think of yourself as a business owner to negotiate better pay and terms

How to plan your work and work your plan for high impact results

Twenty-One Days Of Support

  • Daily recorded messages providing encouragement and strategy
  • Two video success calls per week to support you
  • Activity tracking tools to keep you on track
  • Text access to your coach

Guaranteed Success

If it takes more than 21 days, even it’s because of your own lack of activity, you will have full access to the program, the coaches, the success calls, and the recorded messages for as long as it takes to get you your next job.

All this for one low price

The coaching program alone would be $500!

With the success calls, tools, recorded course, and all the other powerful resources, this program has a value over $1000.

But our mission is to get people back to work, and there’s a lot of people who need out help, so during this special offer, the program is only $249.

That’s right, only $249 for over $1,000 of tools and coaching

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