Would you like to collaborate with Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy? Here are some ways you can promote what I am doing, and some ways I might be able to promote you (if we are aligned).

How I can support you

Resource Letter
On most emails I sent out to my community, there is a Resource Letter which includes a variety of programs that my trusted friends (including you) are running. I’m happy to promote whatever you have coming up in that letter.

Free events perform better than paid, but I’ll promote whatever you’ve got.

The Resource Letter is in a short format, so if you have copy that explains what it is and why folks should do it in 300 words or less, that’s best. If not, I will likely put your long copy through ChatGPT to get it to 300 words and use that.

$97 Classes
Mentors in the Entrepreneur Mentor Community are welcome to offer classes to the community. The classes are $97 for non-members and free for EMC members. Details and the application to share a class with the community can be found here. (This link is for EMC Mentors only)

Speak on a Summit
I run quite a few summits for myself and for clients, so I’m always looking for speakers. A great way to connect with our audience is to speak on a summit stage. See all the summits currently accepting applications here.

How I can pay you for supporting me

Last updated January 30th, 2023
The following are upcoming programs which you are welcome and encouraged to promote if you feel your audience would benefit from what we are offering.

Entrepreneur Launch Parties – 2nd Monday of each month
Free event, upselling to Entrepreneur Mentor Community membership: $47/month, 50% ongoing commission
Bringing together many of our EMC Mentors, we will celebrate wins, offer powerful hot seat coaching, and live networking with some people well worth knowing.
Audience: Great for early stage entrepreneurs who are still seeking clarity in their business.

Stress Free Summit Workshop – February 7th, 2023
Free workshop, upselling to $1,000 done-for-you summit service with a 20% affiliate commission.
I will be teaching the playbook I use to plan highly interactive virtual summits which can be planned in under 4 hours.

Plan 3 Months in 2 Hours Workshop – March 30th, 2023
$97 workshop, 30% commission
In two hours, participants will turn their goals and visions into fully mapped out plan for an entire quarter, detailing what action steps they will take each week and each day to achieve their objective. This has been my most well received and well attended workshop.
Audience: Great for anyone who is looking to increase productivity and get more control over their calendar and to-do list.