The Six Figure Networker Program

Imagine being able to connect with anyone you need to meet.

Imagine never cold calling again.

Imagine being able to create a worldwide network without leaving your comfort zone.

That is The Six Figure Networker Program

10 years of research, experimentation, trial, and error by Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy has come together to create one powerful program.

In every session of The Six Figure Networker Program, you will learn one actionable piece of information which you can put into practice immediately.

Rather than sit through hours and hours of lectures, each lesson is compact and impactful. No death by powerpoint here.

What you will gain

In this program, over the first few months, you will learn…

  • The best strategy to approach networking for best results
  • A mindset to make networking fun and easy
  • The 15 second introduction that makes them want more
  • To get the most value from any networking event
  • The method for creating value from every one to one call
  • The transition to make an offer in a networking space without be a jerk
  • A system of infinite follow up with minimal time.
  • How to connect with almost anyone in the world
  • and more

Most established businesses putting these tips, tools, and practices to work could easily add over $100,000 to their revenues, not to mention all the other benefits of being well connected with a great reputation.

How it works

The program is presented in a live, weekly, one hour session taught by Michael Whitehouse himself.

The beginning of each session is a planned teaching module designed to be something you can take immediate action on.

You get accountability to keep you on tract to make progress on your goals from week to week.

The rest of the session is dynamic training. You’re already running a business. You’re already networking, so we give you the chance to ask for what you need right now. Bring your real life challenges, questions, and concerns, and we will teach solutions and strategies immediately.

We get through the curriculum in a few months, but you get access to keep coming and keep getting support for a full year!

Take Action

The Six Figure Networker Program is only $1000, or 3 payments of $350. You can sign up immediately using this gold button.

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