What Would You Choose? Is A Million Right?

Recently, I saw this image on Facebook…

Being a know-it-all, I assumed I know the “right” answer.

I shared my thoughts, and invited the thoughts of others, and discovered that I did find the right answer for me, but that it’s dependent on where one is in life.

My initial thought was that the $1,000,000 was the right way to go. With the 50/50 shot had a 50% chance of getting nothing, and the money, effectively deployed, could create massive traveling opportunities and give me the chance to hang out with whoever I wanted.

On further reflection, I’ve found that each choice is correct at a certain place in life.

$1 million in cash

This is a great choice… if you have the knowledge and discipline to use it correctly.

With that kind of money, you have money to pay the bills for long enough to effectively deploy the rest of the cash to develop additional assets.

However, there are some people for whom this would be a terrible choice.

If your thought is “I want a million bucks because I could buy a house and a car and take a vacation,” then you shouldn’t choose this.

Why? Because you want to buy liabilities.

When the money is spent, you’ll find yourself worse off than before. That house will need maintenance and incur taxes. The car will cost taxes and require maintenance.

Likewise, if you already have over a million dollars in assets, then the million is just your next million.

50% Chance of Winning $200,000,000

A comment from a real estate investor friend made me realize the value of this choice. His worth is over a million dollars, so a million dollars would just be another million.

If he lost this bet, he’d still be in good shape, and if he won it, it would take him straight to the next level.

On the other hand, for someone who doesn’t have wealth, the downside risk doesn’t make sense.

Hang Out With The Richest Person on Earth for Three Years

If you know what to do with a million dollars, then you could leverage that into increasing wealth and it would give you the opportunity to hang out with whomever you want.

However, if you’re still in the place where you think about buying liabilities rather than assets with the money, spending time with the rich person would teach you how to use money to create wealth rather than to get things.

One person commented that they’d want to be paid to hang out with the rich person, which completely missed the point. People waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to get “education” at college, but they wouldn’t take the opportunity to get the massive opportunity of hanging out with the right people for free.

Heck, if you have the opportunity to carry the bags of a billionaire in exchange for hanging out with them and no pay, that’s still a fantastic deal.

Lifetime of Traveling For Free

At first I thought this one didn’t fit. I thought it was a wrong choice, but I recognized two scenarios in which this would make sense.

The first is for someone who is very young and immature. If you are not in a place where you would recognize or appreciate what the rich person could teach you, the travel gives you the opportunity to develop that maturity.

The other is someone who is just done. Life has beaten you down so much that you just want to go on vacation forever.

This is the one of the four options that does not directly lead to the next level of opportunity. However, it makes sense for someone who either isn’t prepared to receive and leverage the other three, or someone for whom this is the final step they’re seeking.

What do you think?

Do you agree with this reasoning?

What would you choose?

Business Advice From the Pulpit

Most days I send out a letter by email with some tips and resources. This is the one from July 19th, 2022.

This past Sunday, I went to church as I often do on Sundays, and I was surprised to find that the lectionary reading echoed something that I’ve been saying on my Morning Motivation podcast for a while now.

I talk a lot about how everyone has been given particular talents and passions. By pursuing those gifts, one will find purpose, joy, meaning, and, quite likely, financial success.

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Bert Oliva, Make It Happen – Interview #107

Bert Oliva is a Leadership Expert. He is sought after by companies all over the world for his passion, his knowledge and his infectious spirit. He is a Leadership Expert that has transformed lives and helped many to find their human potential.

Bert is an international orator and motivational teacher. He has authored books, developed multiple training programs and coached executives to increase their bottom line. Bert focuses on helping companies and individuals tap into their greatness by teaching them leadership, communication and helping to improve their overall performance.


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Phil Gerbyshak, Speaker, Podcaster, Pinball Wizard – Interview #106

Phil Gerbyshak works with small businesses to use social and virtual selling to increase their profitability, productivity and performance, with speaking, training and coaching programs delivered virtually, in-person and hybrid. He’s written 5 books, and his 6th book, Virtual Selling Essentials, will be available in the first quarter of 2022. When he’s not doing all things sales, he’s a husband, and a bonus dad to two kiddos and two dogs. Please welcome sales speaker, sales podcaster and pinball wizard Phil Gerbyshak to the show.

LinkedIn: Phil Gerbyshak

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Michael Buzinski, Buzzworthy Website Marketing – Interview #104

Michael Buzinski, President & CMO of Buzzworthy Website Marketing, is a lifelong entrepreneur, digital marketing thought leader, and best-selling author. Dubbed a “visionary marketer” by the American Marketing Association, Michael’s sole mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the time drain and frustration of managing profitable digital marketing campaigns. Buzz, as most call him, has simplified digital marketing success with The Rule of 26 and is on a mission to double the website revenue of service-centric businesses across America.


IG @michael.buzinski

website: buzzworthy.biz

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Jay Fairbrother, The Profit Architects – Interview #103

Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, coach and consultant with 30+ years of experience in starting, scaling, buying and selling businesses. He is a licensed Sales Coach and Sales Trainer, as well as a Peer Group Facilitator. Jay is also the Executive VP of Chapters for the Global Leaders Organization (GLO), and his job is to recruit Chairs and start Chapters all over the world.

Jay’s story includes losing everything in the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the ashes.

He has years of experience presenting online, doing webinars to sell products and services and in being interviewed for various publications and media. He knows how to add value to listeners and engage them with stories and anecdotes. Jay also offers affiliate commissions for his products and services.

Jay’s focus now is on helping entrepreneurs profit more… period. Whether through improving sales skills to convert more prospects already in the pipeline, or through making small incremental changes that can have a huge impact on profits, Jay customizes his coaching and consulting with each business owner based on their goals. More growth usually means more headaches. More profits can mean more money in your pocket or more personal freedoms or making the world a better place or selling your business… but none of that happens without Profits.

His WHY derives from reinventing himself and committing to helping other entrepreneurs avoid his failures, mistakes and lessons learned.

His mission over the next decade is to help 100 entrepreneurs to each add six-figures in profits to their businesses.


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Lisa Santiago McNeill – Interview #102

Lisa Santiago McNeill is the coaches coach: coach and publisher.
Born in NYC, raised in the Bronx, Lisa lives in Charlotte, NC with her amazing purpose partner and husband, Brian K. McNeill. From beginning to end her story is about PURPOSE. Yours, hers and ours. There is a time and a purpose and a season for everything under the sun. She has experienced life from so many different vantage points and in each age and stage of her life she has decided to move forward and make the BEST out of every situation.

Lisa Santiago McNeill overcome childhood abuse and molestation, being a runaway at 13, dropping out of school at 16, using drugs and being used for her body to go on to a 20 year career at IBM, starting after-school program for children, to finally leave it all, write her book, Discovering Your Why: A Journey to Wholeness and help other women to find their inner strength and power.

She is now a successful 6 figure coach and publisher, having helped over 90 authors tell their stories of overcoming and stand in the power of their truth.

We are not WHAT we are because of our past. We are WHO we are because of it.

FB, IG, LI, YT Lisa Santiago McNeill
The Empowerment Duo – M-F 9 AM – live on FB and LI

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Ramesh Dewangan, Quantum Vision Consulting – Interview #98

Ramesh Dewangan is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Vision Consulting, helping experienced professionals become successful and confident leaders!

Ramesh has spent over three decades in the high-tech industry-leading global teams in software development, product management, and marketing. He has launched several new high-tech products, has worked with customers, vendors, and partners to increase the product footprint. He is an MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, he provides leadership and personal development services, accelerating personal and professional growth for the experienced professionals. He has facilitated several webinars and mastermind sessions on personal and leadership development.

Ramesh is a Distinguished Toastmasters from Toastmasters International, the highest achievement in their public speaking program.

Email: ramesh@quantumvisionconsulting.com
Website: https://quantumvisionconsulting.com
My leadership course just launched: https://quantumvision.influencersoft.com/LEB-2.0
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Previous Interview: Emily Rose Summersett and Scott Roberts, Mental Health is the New Wealth – Interview #97

Emily Rose Summersett and Scott Roberts, Mental Health is the New Wealth – Interview #97

Wife and husband team Emily Rose Summersett and Scott Roberts help high-achieving CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world optimize their mental health and performance and enable them to make the impact and perform at the level they want.

Using a combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Advanced Meditation Techniques and Results Coaching, they help their clients upgrade their mental Operating System for Ultimate Peace of Mind, Freedom and Focus.

They been called every business owner’s secret weapon helping you break out of harmful patterns that are keeping you stuck, at the same financial level year after year or just plain unhappy, and it’s been said that working with them will catapult you to your next level.

Together, they can help you discover how to break the cycle of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and guilt that is holding you back, so you can gain a calmer and more positive perspective on life.

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Stephanie Hess, Passion and Purpose – Interview 95

Stephanie Hess’s passion and purpose is being a catalyst for self-employed coaches and leaders to monetize their brilliance and make a huge impact — what she desired most in her own life just years ago. A former Fortune 500 Director; Stephanie feels most lit up helping business owners leverage their intuition and joy to strategically grow their business as founder of Stephanie Hess Coaching.

Stephanie Hess Coaching is based on 15 years of business and marketing experience and coaching over 100 entrepreneurs in her career. Combining a unique background in global cosmetics marketing, professional sports PR and health coaching, with a love for personal growth and spiritual concepts; Stephanie created a refreshingly simple, 4-step, needle-moving process for creating high-value clients online, without complexity, cold selling or overwhelm.

Stephanie is of the belief that you MUST design a business model that suits you; not marketing gurus, mentors or your social media feed. For her and her clients this means building a 6 and multi-6 figure practice working part-time with just a handful of high-value, high-impact clients.

Stephanie calls NYC and Lancaster, PA home; surrounded by houseplants and a growing wine collection.

Learn more about Stephanie Hess at stephaniehesscoaching.com

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