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⦿ Recordings of all presentations

⦿ 30 Minute Strategy Session With QuickBooks Expert, Beth Blaney – Value $150
You can use this time however you’d like! Whether you have QuickBooks questions or just general small business questions. We can do a screenshare or just chat!

⦿ Funny is Money, An exploration call to infuse humor into your business with Bonita Joy Yoder – Value $250
Use this exploration call to discover ways you can embrace humor in your business to attract leads, engage your customers and be memorable to your prospects so that you can increase your revenue

⦿ 60 Minutes Session with Chris Salem to Determine Your Business Influence Factor for Success – Value $400
Determine your personal business influence factor for success in your business including agenda to set you up for this success.

⦿ 1Hr Business Breakthrough ZOOM Session With Mike Savage – Value $1,500
Dig deep into your vision, your goals, and your reality. We will carve out a path to take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Best for people who have been in business at least a year, have sales between $100k & $5M, are looking to dramatically scale their business, and whose bathroom mirror is their board of advisors!

⦿ Majikal Manifestation Bundle Pack – Value $497
Everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted and more! Use the tools and resources in this bundle pack to gain insight, clarity, and focus on what you really want. This package has everything you need to map out your course of action and manifest all that you desire. It also contains tools to keep you motivated, calm, focused and combat any sense of feeling lost, alone, and overwhelmed.

⦿ Client Flow Dambuster: Unlock a Consistent Flow of Clients (and Money) Into Your Business – Value $497
Join Paula Skaper for a 30-minute live group coaching and Q&A call each day during the training, where you will have an opportunity to ask questions about your situation and get laser coaching to help you implement the day’s training in your business.

⦿ Attend a live Mastermind Call with Robert Riopel and his amazing friends from around the world – Value $299
Every month, Robert holds a live mastermind call for his students. During these 2 hour trainings, he not only brings in expert guests to add value, the participants also get to participate and breakout sessions that anchor the learnings into the cells of their body for greater retention.

⦿ Clearing Ancestral Family Patterns: Healing and releasing the seven toxic patterns present in your family – Value $150
Abuse, Addiction, Violence, Poverty, Illness, Abandonment, Betrayal. When those patterns release their energy, you gain it all back. It’s like you’ve been keeping the parking brake on while you tried to accelerate all this time, and suddenly you realize you’ve released the brake. It resonates both into the past and into the future, healing relationships with entire family constellations.