Two Day With The Guy Who Knows a Guy

Think of the top three things you’d like to improve in your business or life.

You have probably spent more time looking at coaches, consultants, gurus, and wizards than you care to admit.

What if you could take two day and work with the best people to change everything?

Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows a Guy. His global network gives him access to some of the most impactful experts across numerous industries. If Michael doesn’t know someone, he knows who does.

Whatever the challenge you are facing, Michael has trustworthy resources to create powerful impact in your life and business.

Stop searching for solutions.

In the Two Day Intensive with The Guy Who Knows a Guy, Michael will bring together up to three other experts who are ready and able to create profound transformation for you.

It starts with the welcome call where Michael will develop an understanding of your challenge and needs. He will work his globe-spanning network to find the best people to address your challenges and bring them together for you.

The Two Day with The Guy Who Knows a Guy is a $20,000 program, and a one day program is also available.

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