The Problem

The higher education model is broken. Kids come out buried in debt with no skills or connections to make high incomes to pay off that debt.

The Inspiration

There are many powerful courses out there for $10,000-$25,000 which promise and deliver training, support, and guidance to create and launch a business which will make hundreds of thousands of dollars. While expensive, they are much less expensive than a college eduction.

The Situation

Why don’t more kids go into entrepreneurship instead of college? A kid who takes some of that college money and enrolls in a couple of high value programs while spending 10-20 hours a week networking will emerge at the end of four years better connected and more prepared than a student with an Ivy League degree.

The issue is that the entire educational system is aligned to getting kids into college, whether it’s the right choice or not.

The Solution

Take the programs for businesses and build an accredited college around them. They program would confer a degree at the end. More importantly, students would be building their skills through practical experience and making money as they go. Rather than $200K of debt, students would have $200K of assets at the end of four years.

Add in academics, giving students a grounding in language, history, science, etc but each class with a specific purpose. English would not just be reading old books, but would read classics with the express purpose of developing rhetorical, persuasive, and critical thinking skills.

This idea is so raw that I haven’t made a web site specifically for it, but I believe it should happen, and I am putting together a team to execute on it. If you are you interested in being involved, email me at