What We Say Yes To – A talk for organizations on values and vision

What are our values?
Where are we going?
What do we say yes to?

In my talk “What We Say Yes To,” I help organizations and individuals to answer these three critical questions by focusing on values, vision, and gratitude.

While originally developed for Rotary clubs, this talk applies equally to other service organizations, community organizations, and even religious and business organizations.

We begin with a discussion of what is important to the group. By examining what excites the audience about their organization, why they joined in the first place, and why they continue to participate, we gain clarity on what is most important to the group and where they should focus their energy.

Every organization has goals, but those goals don’t always create a compelling vision for the members. In this part of the talk, we will take the quantitative goals of the organization and expand them into a vision that every member can see, hear, feel, and fully inhabit. By making it real in our minds, we are closer to making it real.

In any group, there are things that are going really well. Often, we focus on the negative and don’t appreciate just how well we are doing many things. In this part of the talk, we dive in and focus on everything that is going well. This appreciation rejuvenates energy, and it makes members more excited when speaking to prospective members.

Book Michael Now!
Michael Whitehouse is available to book to speak now to audiences in Connecticut and surrounding areas.

This talk is available at no cost to Rotary Clubs and other similar service organizations.

For businesses, educational, and other organizations, rates are based on distance from Groton, CT.

For rates and availability, contact Michael at michael@guywhoknowsaguy.com or call 413-218-7946.