What We Say Yes To

We are in a time of transition and change. (When are we not?)

What will we do next? What opportunities will we seize? Where are we going? What are our next steps?

The purpose of this talk is to assist organizations and individuals by building a vision, focusing gratitude, and clarifying their values.

Vision: How do we see our best future? Goals are often in cold, dry numbers. They are clear but uninspiring. Vision is bringing the goal to life. What will that that look like? What would if feel like to live with that success? What would it sound like? Who would that help? What resources would it give us? We build a tangible vision of the better future we are striving towards.

Gratitude: After you see the tangible perfect future, the present can be a bummer. But there’s a lot of great stuff happening right now. We focus on all the good that there already is. Appreciate the great opportunities. Recognize all the good work we’re already doing. We dive into a particular exercise of finding gratitude even in the worst situation to strengthen our gratitude reflexes. This is particularly important because it’s hard to grow if you aren’t excited about the life you have right now.

Values: We know where we want to go and why we’re excited now, but who are we? Why are we here? What do we stand for? When we have a choice, which do we take? What do we value? How do we know when we’re in integrity?

This is important for individuals. It is important for groups. It is important for companies. It is important for teams.

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