Ramesh Dewangan, Quantum Vision Consulting – Interview #98

Ramesh Dewangan is the Founder and CEO of Quantum Vision Consulting,
helping experienced professionals become successful and confident leaders!

Ramesh has spent over three decades in the high-tech industry-leading global teams
in software development, product management, and marketing. He has launched
several new high-tech products, has worked with customers, vendors, and partners
to increase the product footprint. He is an MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, he provides
leadership and personal development services, accelerating personal and professional
growth for the experienced professionals. He has facilitated several webinars and
mastermind sessions on personal and leadership development.
Ramesh is a Distinguished Toastmasters from Toastmasters International,
the highest achievement in their public speaking program.


Email: ramesh@quantumvisionconsulting.com
Website: https://quantumvisionconsulting.com
Ramesh’s leadership course just launched: https://quantumvision.influencersoft.com/LEB-2.0
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