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Camaraderie – Education – Networking

One of the greatest challenges of being an entrepreneur is finding like minded people who will understand and support what you’re doing.

This is why I created The Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy. It is an online community of like minded, ambitious entrepreneurs and business people.

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Camaraderie is a key part of The Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy

Members of the Academy support each other, celebrating victories and commiserating setbacks.

People in business get excited and upset about things that other folks just don’t understand. That’s why it’s so important to have a place to share your story with people who will understand.


Education is a key part of The Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy

There is always more to learn. When you own your own business, or even if you are just trying to advance on the career track, your knowledge is your edge.

In the academy, Michael Whitehouse, the Guy Who Knows A Guy, provides regular training on sales, marketing, networking, and focusing your plan. Furthermore, guest instructors add to the mix with exciting lessons on a variety of topics.

Best of all, you have all of your fellow Academy members to rely on. Each bring their own strengths and knowledge to share.


Networking is a key part of The Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy

It wouldn’t be a Guy Who Knows A Guy project if there wasn’t some networking!

Even in the beginning when there were only half a dozen members, multiple profitable connections were made. As the Academy grows, the opportunities for networking and collaboration are expanding exponentially.

We’re not leaving it to chance. There are networking events to connect people, and Michael himself is always on the lookout for good connections and introductions to make.

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What you get

  • 24/7 access to the Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy Community
  • A growing library of education video programs
  • Multiple educational and inspirational Zoom calls each week with Michael Whitehouse
  • Regular accountability exercises
  • Be part of a community of inspirational people seeking excellence

What you don’t get

  • No constant pitches to upgrade or buy more
  • No annoying false positivity
  • No one making you feel bad about where you are on your journey
Schedule a call for Business Coaching at the Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy

Can I sign up?

No. I do not allow anyone to sign up for the Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy without first having a phone call with me. This is not a program for just anyone. We want people who are serious about working on their business and careers. We want people who will support their fellow members. We want people who will take responsibility for their work and outcomes.

What you can do is set up a call with me, and we can have a 10 minute phone call. I’ll ask you some questions. If you’re a good fit for the Academy, it will be a fun and easy conversation.

What’s it cost?

Programs like this generally run between $99 to $199 per month, but that is out of the reach of many of the people I want to be able to help.

To ensure that we an help the greatest possible audience, the membership rate for the Academy is only $99 per month.

However, for the first 50 people who join the Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy, we are cutting the rate in half to $49 per month. This is not a promotional rate. You will pay $49 for as long as you stay in the community.

$49 gives you full access to all the educational modules, all the Zoom calls, the private member group, and The Guy Who Knows A Guy himself.

Why is the price so low?

It was very important to me to keep the cost low for two reasons.

First, the more good people we have in the Academy, the more value the network will have for all members.

Second, I wanted to make it accessible. I speak to people every day who could benefit from my one on one coaching, but cannot afford it where they are. The Academy is meant to be a place where people who are just starting out in entrepreneurship or even just starting to take control of their careers can connect with powerful resources, and for some of them cash is hard to come by.

No Commitment

There is no commitment. It is my job to make sure you find value in the Academy. If you ever feel it’s not delivering $49 of value, you are free to leave anytime you like, but we think you’ll want to be a part of this exciting community for many years to come.

Schedule a call for Business Coaching at the Guy Who Knows A Guy Academy

We’ve already spoken, and I’m ready to sign up now!

If you have already had a conversation with Michael Whitehouse, and he has told you that you’re approved to join the academy, then you can sign up directly with the button below.

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