Michael Whitehouse wants to help you
I want to help clarify your goals, identify your talents, and build your capacity.

If you don’t know where you want to go then any road will do.

In my coaching, I focus on three things:

  • Clarifying your goals and dreams
  • Identifying your talents and gifts
  • Building your capacities and skills

Clarifying Goals and Dreams

Too many people dream small and focus too close. The first step to achieving what you want to live the life you want is to know what that is. Want to retire at 50? Live in the mountains and write books? Give a million dollars to charity? The first step is to clearly identify that goal.

The first step in working with any client is to identify what your goals are so that you can achieve clarity on where you want to go. From that will follow how to get there.

Identifying Talents and Gifts

Many people I meet have talents, gifts, skills, and resources that make them much more valuable than their paycheck reflects. An admin at a company making $16 per hour might be asked to create a web site for them. That same person could make that same site for $500 as a consultant.

It’s all in how you package and present what you have to offer. I work with my clients to clearly identify what you have to offer and to package it in the way that will earn what you’re worth on the market.

Building Capacities and Skills

Many people have great talent at their business, but they lack the capacity to connect their offering with people willing to pay.

I teach my clients Solution Oriented Marketing and other marketing, sales, and business strategies to connect with paying clients so you can focus on what you do best.

Let’s talk!

I don’t know if I can help you, but I’d love to have a conversation to find out.

Click the calendar to schedule a no obligation 10 minute phone call with me. Let me ask you a few questions to learn about your goals and see if I can help you.

As The Guy Who Knows A Guy, I guarantee that the conversation will yield at least one good introduction to someone who can help you further. Then, we’ll talk more and figure out if I can get you some of the amazing results my other clients have enjoyed.

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Structured Programs

Programs can be customized to the specific needs of your business, but here are some standard programs available.

Big Picture Coaching
You know every bit of your business, and you manage every bit of your business. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. But if you're on top of every tiny detail, who is looking at the big picture? That's where I can help. I can bring an outside perspective to help you find big picture synergies and opportunities that you might miss while dealing with the details. I can also help you capture that million dollar idea that may have been lost in the shuffle of your day to day operations.

Does your page look like this?
Want it to?

Social Media Personal Branding
Learn how to use the technology you already own and free social media resources to create a persistent social media presence in only 15 minutes a day. Learn how Michael got a quarter million organic reach on his Facebook page. Learn the techniques that Michael himself uses that, after only 6 weeks of use, caused people all over town to say, "I see you everywhere!"

Virtual Sales Manager
The tough part of running your own business is that there is no one to keep you on track driving you towards your goals. Michael will develop a sales plan for you, implement metrics for you to track, and hold you accountable to your own goals on a daily and weekly basis.

Personal Network Development
Michael Whitehouse will be your personal networking coach, helping you find the right events to attend, sharing techniques and guidance to build your network, and even introducing you to people in his own network that you might benefit from knowing. Reading the book is good, but being coached by The Guy Who Knows A Guy himself is great.

Coaching Program Details

Programs start as low as $49 per month for group coaching. To learn what might make sense for you, let's have a conversation.

It all starts with a free, no obligation meeting to discuss any challenges you face, and to see how I can help you. Send me a Facebook message or click the link below to schedule a 10 minute conversation.

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